I am living, existing on this planet. I am trying to live my life the best possible way I can, that way which will bring me happiness. I strive for happiness because I am human and human beings lean toward seeking out happiness and self-fulfillment. So as of right now I am attending college and majoring in psychology and possibly a minor in Media Studies or Sociology. The reason for attending school is quite simple, I have a goal in life, and going to school will make that goal easily accessible. This goal involves me doing something I am interested in, and that I enjoy.

Contrary to the pseudo-philosophers in the class not all students solely seek out a profession that will bring them income, most people actually are interested in what they are doing, and I happen to be one of those people. So why am I still here? Why am still writing this essay? Well for one I want the extra credit, and any reason to babble or postulate about life is great. Everything I'm doing I believe has a purpose, I mean it will all inevitably lead to something, hopefully my happiness. I don't know the meaning of life, so essentially I'm living, living according to my own meaning for life. Everyone should have their own meaning for life and what they would like to gain from it, I for one would like to experience as many things as possible, learn as much as I can, and enjoy it all. This meaning all leads to happiness, so I guess you can say that's my meaning for life, and that's my reason for exisitng, because its all so great..