My First Bedroom All my life I had shared a bedroom with my siblings. First, I had to share a bedroom with my brother, because we lived in a two-bedroom apartment. A few years later my sister was born. By then, we have moved into a three-bedroom apartment, so my brother got his own room and I had to share with my little sister.

Nine years later the last member of the family was born, another kid sister. Therefore, I ended up with two roommates. I wanted my own bedroom so bad that I was always complaining to my parents about how 15 years old girls should have their own bedroom. Finally, we all moved into a five-bedroom house, and I finally got my own room. If I close my eyes, I can still remember every detail of my bedroom. My bedroom was in the shape of a perfect little square.

The door was in the left side of the room facing the window. Looking in the bedroom from the door, I see my bed placed against the wall in the right side of the room, with my mirror drawer facing the bed, leaving the window in between them. My closet was behind the opened door, which was very small. I did not like having too many things in my room; it was later that I added a desk to hold my television and radio. I placed the desk against the wall in front of the bed. My mother used to put light colored curtains on the window because I loved the way the sun shined through them and it added more meaning into the room.

The smell of Sunflowers perfume always takes me back to my first bedroom. I used to wear that perfume all the time because it blended right in with the settings of the room. Every morning I used to open the window and immediately smelled the pear tree blocked my window with its leaves. Felling the breeze of the tree through my window was very relaxing. I used to spend a long time sitting by the window looking down at the neighbor's kids running around. The serenity of my room used to inspire me to think about my future, hopes, and dreams.

I only lasted a year enjoying my first bedroom because I got married. My fifteen-year-old sister is now enjoying my first bedroom. She is always telling me about how comfortable the bedroom is. Even though my sister has decorated the room very differently then when I had the room, I always find myself going back to my first bedroom and thinking back on all the good times I had in my first bedroom..