A friend by definition is someone you know well and regard with affection and trust. I am not a very outgoing person, and to be totally honest, I am very isolated from other human beings. Except for my family and people at school. I cannot say who I would like to have as friend. I never given much thought. Perhaps I like God to be my friend.

He is not selfish and very forgiving. He knows the hearts, seeing you for you; the imperfections, the motives, the joys and virtues. I could say what qualities a friend should have. A friend is loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and loving. The friend is loyal by sticking by you through good times and bad times. She would not gossip behind your back, spilling intimate details of your life.

She would try to defend you and praise you. You can always rely on her to do the right thing, to be there when it's needed. (I am using female terms, because I am a girl, but God is not. ) She has your trust. Trust to share secrets, trust to tell on you if you got a problem, and trust to be honest when asking her opinion about anything. And she is loving.

A friend is someone sticking closer to you than a sibling. She loves you. And you love her. You two are close as siblings. She knows everything about you. Likewise, you know everything about her.

They are like family. You would have no problem if they spent the night at your house. You know each other's quirks and habits and can always tell when there is something wrong. You would not hesitate to share your deepest feelings or thoughts with them.

'A true friend will see you through when others see that you are through." A true friend has no problem correcting you when you are wrong, or being stern with you when you are out of line. Likewise, a true friend will love you like a member of his own family. He will always be there for you. They are not perfect, but at least they will always look out for you and never do anything intentionally to hurt you. On a final note, I would like to take some time to say that we should always remember keep in mind what kind of a friend we are to other people. We should always strive to be the best friends that we can be.

Also, as the saying goes, ' You can't use your friends and have them too." We should appreciate and value all friendships that come into our lives, no matter how deep or superficial. So, I may not a have a "friend" here, but I have God. For all the reasons I wrote in the beginning, he is my friend. And I, in turn, have to be a friend to others. I must be loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and loving, because it works both ways. Now, God cannot exactly tell what's going on in his life but I can talk to hi through prayer, and do the best I can..