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According to Stephen Covey an 'Effective leader is one who is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out." In addition, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, effective means "producing positive effects", and a leader is "one who heads an organization." In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Napoleon is the character who portrays these traits along with the trait of practicing utilitarianism. Therefore, Napoleon is an effective leader who increases the economy of Animal Farm and practices utilitarianism, the greatest good for the greatest number. One instance the Napoleon shows effectiveness is in the way he leads the economy of Animal Farm. This evident through Squealer's facts about how ."..

production of every class of foodstuff [is increasing] by two hundred per cent, three hundred per cent, or five hundred per cent... ." (81). This is so because Napoleon balances the mechanics involving the running of the economy producing positive effects for the farm. In addition, Napoleon leads the farm to produce .".. the biggest harvest that the farm has ever seen... ." which proves even more the effectiveness of Napoleon (24).

One more aspect of Napoleon's effectiveness shows when Napoleons makes "The farm more prosperous... and better organized... ." (113). Napoleon's decisions on what Animal Farm should do prove to be effective rendering Napoleon an effective leader in the instance of producing desirable effects for the economy. Another instance that outlines the effectiveness of Napoleon adduces its self in the orders he enforces. When Napoleon ."..

accept[s] a contract for four hundred eggs a week, the price of [the eggs] pay[s] enough [for] grain and meal to keep the farm going till summer... ." was clearly providing the best for the most amount of animals. By doing this, Napoleon harms only a small percentage of the animals while the majority benefits. When .".. the animals work like slaves [for the windmill]... ." this provides for the future betterment of the farm (54).

Again, this is providing the greatest good for the greatest number because the building of the windmill will lead to easier lives for the animals of Animal Farm. These improvements of the farm are prime examples of utilitarianism because they benefit the future of Animal Farm. The effectiveness of Napoleon is unquestionable. Napoleon's decisions lead Animal Farm to an ever-increasing betterment of the economy and essentially the lives of the animals. In addition to Napoleon's leading Animal Farm's economy, Napoleon also prepares the farm for the future because the animals work to build buildings such as the windmill to make farm life easier. These accomplishments render Napoleon an effective leader because Animal Farm prospers under the leadership of Napoleon..

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