Adolf Hitler was born a child on April 20, 1889 in a "Modest Inn" located in the town of Braunavon, Germany. Hitler grew up in a household of seven people, five of which were siblings. He had a little brother Edmund. One younger sister named Paula. One older half-brother named Alois, Jr and one older half sister named Angela. This family of seven lived on a little farm located in Lambach, Austria.

He had moved several times. The first time he moved it was to Braunavon, Germany. The second time he moved it was to Lending. Throughout his childhood he grew up watching war movies and playing "Cowboys and Indians." He was adapted to a survival behavior since the day he was born, and many real life instances helped him grow that way.

At the age of 16, his mother died from cancer. Later that year, Hitler's father Alois, died from a lung hemorrhage. The death of his parents brought a new beginning to Hitler's life, time to live on his own. Due to this tragedy, Hitler became homeless in Vienna, Austria. While in Vienna, Hitler tried to join the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but he had happened to fail both times. Due to his failures in Vienna, this is the place he grew to hate Jews.

While living on the streets, Hitler adopted a survivor instinct. At the age of 21, Hitler became keenly interested in politics. As some years passed he decided to move out of Vienna and into a town of Munich, at the age of 24. After moving, he was later tracked down by authorities in January of 1914. The cops decided not to press charges of refugee. While living in Munich, he applied for the World War.

A process which would change his life indefinitely. The War was the type of a place Hitler was used to being in. He was used being in a fighting and battling scene. Therefore nothing was new to him. Hitler avoided several life threatening injuries during the War.

Hitler's attitude was better than the other 25-year-olds. Hitler never complained about bad situations or bad food. Hitler thought that this injury would have never happened if it weren't for the Jews. He felt that the Jews were causing all of the German problems. While in the hospital for this leg injury, Hitler had been offered a Medal of Honor, but turned it down because the offer came was a Jew. After recovering, he went into more battle.

In October of 1918 he became temporarily blinded by a Chlorine Gas attack. Thankfully for Hitler and his unluckiness, on November 10, 1918 the War officially ended and Hitler then lead his focus on his hatred of Jews. After popularity of the German Work Party came about, they all voted in Hitler to be the leader. After being voted in, Hitler decided they needed to expand to new levels and needed to be heard by everybody. Thus came about the most popular symbol in History, the swastika. By the symbol, came a name change, which was shortened to NSAP.

Then later became shortened to Nazi. By the end, Hitler had gained over 3, 000 members and followers into the group and it became one of the biggest Parties's in Germany. The Nazi Party was lead by Hitler and they followed his every move. Hitler pointed the Nazi's to a pub in act to destroy it.

The authorities found Hitler and put him on trial for treason. The court found Adolf Hitler guilty of treason and the possible sentence would be life in prison. However, he only received 5 years and was able for parole after 6 months. While in jail for a period of time, he started the beginning of his book entitled, "Mein Kempf." Hitler's book was not normally written as many do. He dictated his book to his cellmate, Rudolph Hess. In his book, Hitler divides people into categories such as appearance, race, gender, and personality.

In his book he sets his race, "Aryans' as the master race and ruler of all people. He describes how the Aryans and Jews were in main competition for rulers of the world. Hitler referred to all Jews has maggots, parasites, liars, and dirty Jews. However Hitler didn't just focus on Jews in his book. After Hitler had been out of jail and his book has been published, he went through some tragedy and success.

While the Nazi Party was doing great, Hitler took over full control of his niece, Geli. Hitler was overprotective and controlling of Geli. He would never let her go anywhere, and if by chance he did, she would always have to be protected and watched by two chaperones. They had always argued with each other and it was mainly a heated relationship. After a long fight, Hitler left her hotel room and went out.

When he returned he found his niece dead in her room, with a shot wound to the heart. Friends and family say that Hitler was never the same after the death of his niece. He stated that meat resembled the character of Geli, therefore he never ate it again and thus became a vegetarian. Three weeks after Geli's death, Hitler met with the 84 year old President of Germany. After meeting with the President and talking to him, Hitler realized that he wanted to have a part in running the country of Germany. Therefore, in October of 1931 Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany.

After becoming Fuhrer of Germany, he got proposed to become Chancellor of Germany, but for some reason he never responded to the letter. Instead, Hitler decided to oppose Hinderburg and run for President. Hitler led a good campaign and had many good slogans that seemed to work for him. However in the presidential election on March 13, 1932, Hinderburg surpassed Hitler by gaining over 18 million votes, where Hitler only received 11 million votes. Hinderburg didn't win by enough and thus the election became a run off election. Hitler lost the run off election, however, everybody thought that he would still rule Germany one day.

And the thought of the people would play a big role in Hitler's success and stardom. Under Hitler's ruling, Germany was becoming stronger and stronger while Hitler's hatred to Jews was growing non-stop. He became to use his power wisely and he was using it to get back at the Jews, and he definitely succeeded. Although many people began to flee the country, there were still plenty enough for Adolf Hitler to catch and torture for the rest of their lives. It was the beginning of the end for the Jews. It all started with a simple boycott of Jewish convenient stores, but then led to the biggest and most drastic historical problem ever.

The Holocaust!