Do the Right Thing tells a story of a black and white race. aaa aa aaa a aaa aaa. aaa a aaa aa aaa aa aaa. aaa aaa a aaa aa aaa a aaa aaa aaa aa. aaa aaa a aaa aaa aaa aa aaa aaa aaa a. kk k kkk kkk kkk, mmm mm gig b bbb.

i rrrr r. iii iii ooh, i iii iii ii. yay i iii, rrrr r shannon lee cole. travis michael brandt. was in love. he gonna have my baby.

he gonna be my baby daddy. was gonna get married and have 12 babies and name them all shay. they gonna be cute and have lots o curly hairs. i love to suck dick. lets have sex and get married. why you gotta play.

dont hate, appreciate. hell yeah i graduate in a week. only one more day of school left and im gonna be faded as hell. hopefully all coked out, drunk, and high. im gonna be so faded i wont even know whats going on around me. i hope i dont get in trouble because my mom would be pissed as hell.

no doubt. im going to oshkosh next year. im gonna miss my boyfriend a lot. but i know ill be partying all the time getting all sorts of faded. i know hell come visit me and well see each other. im just scared.

but i know well probably be together for awhile if we dont get married before that. i turn 18 in less than 3 months and im gonna get my tongue pierced. i cant wait to be free. free from everything. i hope someone reads this and is like what the hell is this girls problem. just did it to get a paper for free so dont hate..