The Jim Crow Museum was an interesting experience for me. I saw many things that I had already seen before and I saw some things that I had not. One thing that really caught my attention was the sign that said no Dogs, no Negros, and no Mexicans. This is inappropriate to put two groups of humans on the same level as an animal. The other thing that caught my attention was the definitions of different nigger words. After seeing this I don't understand how the black community can use the word nigger.

I sometimes wonder if there is any justification for some of these stereotypes. In today's time I have witnessed some of the stereotypes to be true in some cases, but I wonder if this is because the black community has evolved to accept it. It sometimes seems that the black community is restricted because they will not move on; and figure if you can't beat it become it. I do not like that fact that blacks will make jokes of why they are not successful. The sad thing is that blacks have sold out and made lots of money from outer blacks making fun of the black community. If black learn to stop this they will be able to erase some negative stereotypes.

Some of the things I witnessed made not sense at all. Like the advertisement that said nigger milk. That just shows the side of how ignorant people can be. It is proof to me that when you give someone an inch they are going to take a mile. I now see why whites try to cover up some history. All of these negative stereotypes have probably put the black community at a disadvantage.

It is hard to prosper when you are being put down for being born the way you are. I now see things slightly different because I see the roots of the black culture and how some things may have evolved. I now hope that everyone can put these things behind them. In today's time I feel that every race experiences stereotypes that are untrue so we need to learn to use the negative for fuel to make positive. No one can change their identity so we have to be able to harness it and use it to better ourselves and others.