Phil PerzelDr. BalokCollege Writing I 9: 00 April 13, 2005 Mom's Creamy Potato Soup One reason I like fall is because of the crisp, cool mornings. Football is very big at my house. That is very apparent in the fall.

When Thanksgiving comes, all my family and I do is eat turkey and watch football games. Mom's rich and creamy potato soup is served during the cold, winter months. People usually think of soup as being tomato or chicken noodle, but not potato. The color of her soup is that of an off-white or yellow. The texture of the soup is very thick. It looks like creamy potatoes in a bowl when it is done.

The aroma of the soup is very strong and earth-smelling. My entire house smells like potatoes while my mom prepares the potato soup. When I eat her creamy potato soup, I always have seconds and my stomach always thinks, "What good soup this is!" In a five quart Dutch oven over medium heat in hot margarine, she cooks potatoes and onions in hot margarine until they are golden brown. The smell of the onions is tantalizing.

She does this for ten minutes, stirring frequently. She then adds water, salt, pepper, and a chicken bouillon cube over high heat. These ingredients are added to the Dutch oven and then heated to a boil. The heat is then reduced. These ingredients are covered and the potatoes are simmered until they are fork tender. This process takes fifteen minutes.

The potatoes are removed from the heat. With a potato masher, she mashes the potatoes until the desired consistency is achieved. She stirs in milk and heats it through. When my mom serves the soup, my family and I salivate as we look at the delicious potato soup about to be served to us by my mother. My mom asks us if we would like, and we always say, "Yes, mother, I would like more of your scrumptious potato soup. "My mom serves the soup on a cold winter's night.

When I devour her soup, I usually can eat another bowl. It fills my stomach making me unable to do anything for at least four hours after I get done consuming her soup. I can never wait until she makes her potato soup because that just happens to be my favorite food. Her soup reminds me of a teddy bear, warm and soft inside. It also gives me the feeling of togetherness with my family sitting around the dinner table telling each other of our days and how life is going. Mom's Creamy Potato Soup: Three Tablespoons of Margarine Five Peeled and Diced Potatoes One Medium Onion Two Cups of Water One Teaspoon of Salt 1/8 Teaspoon of Pepper One Cube of Chicken Bouillon Two Cups of Milk In a five quart Dutch oven or pot over medium heat in hot margarine, cook potatoes and onions until they are golden brown stirring frequently.

This process takes about ten minutes. Add water, salt, pepper, and a chicken bouillon cube over high heat. Heat these ingredients to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover the pot with a lid, and until the potatoes are fork tender. This process takes about fifteen minutes. Remove the pot from the heat.

Mash the soup with a potato masher until the desired consistency is needed. Stir in milk and heat through.