As we can see, most states spend just over $5, 000 per pes on and NY is spending about 8 500 pe person. New York is spending a great amount compared to most of the states except new Jersey. (l able new York) Again we see New York as the second largest spending state in the box plot of Dollars per Pupil. To the right is a box plot of the population in 1, 000's.

Even though New Jersey is the top spender per person in the long run New york still spends more then NJ in general be causeNYhas about 17, 990 (in thousands) people to pay for. This is not ten case with CA because NY spends more per person but CA has more people to pay for and this is the reason CA pays more in the long-run. (CA = NY is the second dot in both box plots) We will l able them but Im just letting so we know what to l able. As we can see NY's Government salary is the biggest of all the states but does not pay the teachers the most becase as we see CN pays the most out of all the states even though the government salary is under 80, 000. There seems to be a reason for this and it is explained in the second dot lot. CN have much less people in their state and therefore less teachers to are needed to be payed.

This allows them to pay a higher wage. NY the the second most populated state and therefore must pay more teachers. This means they pay them less to have enough money for all the other teachers. Even with more people NY can pay teachers well over the regression line thanks to their Government Salary.

Conclusion for the Article New York is one of ten top spenders in the country wen it comes to Education. With the biggest Government salary, NY officials take into consideration that they also have the second to largest population and equally spread their education spending money out to keep a high salary for teachers and also make sure they spend a great deal on the people in education as well.