November Fourth two thousand and one Environmental Science Governor's School of Global Economics and Technology Global Warming Global warming is the earth's average ground temperatures. The main cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere. Also other substances known as greenhouse gases are released into the earth's atmosphere. The earth becomes a better insulator, as these gases become more affluent preserving more heat provided by the sun.

Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane help trap heat to warm the planet. These gases are known as the greenhouse gases. Many things contribute to global warming. Such things are, industries, transportation, electricity used, waste produced, and agriculture. Industrialized nations contribute the most to the release of carbon dioxide. These industrialized nations create greater pollution than any other nations.

Also construction, and offshore oil and gas production, and manufacturing dependent on water, and tourism and recreation, and industry that is located on coastal zones and permafrost regions. Theses all contribute to global warming. All agro-industries (food and drink, forestry-related activity, and textiles also contribute. Paper industries also contribute. And steel industries contribute also to this.

So many things contribute to global warming. So many gases are released into the earth's atmosphere. These gases cause so much pollution. Sooner or later the earth will not be able to handle this pollution and eventually will decrease in everything it has gained since its creation. (Hopefully this paper will help anyone in need, and if not, I am sorry I suck so bad at writing. But hey, I cannot help it! ).