The atomic bomb devas ted the two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. It killed hundreds of thousands of people, especially civilians. After so many defeats in southeast asia, the dropping of such bombs would totally wipe out the morale of the Japanese population. However, there were other reasons as to why Japan surrendered. One of the other reasons was the battle of coral that they lost. They were the battle of Coral Sea, the battle in the Solomon Islands and the Battle of Midway.

The Battle of Midway was especially significant to Japan's lost of arms, where they lost a hundred navy officers and four fleets of carriers. With her military might, America used her power and island hopping strategy to retrieve back all pacific islands that was conquered by Japan before. By doing so, they had cut off the supplies of resources and money for the Japanese troops, hence led Japan into her surrender. In conclusion, the primary reason of Japan's surrender was that of the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan. Compared to the three mai or battles that they fought, the death as extremely high. Because of the atomic bomb, Japan was faced with the complete annihilation of her people or surrender.

The economic crisis in Japan did not mean much to the army and they would not surrender and lose their honor because of such a reason. Army officers still refused to surrender even after the first atomic bomb, and so they would not surrender to the economic downturn.