The recording I listened to is called Carnival Favorites. It is Caribbean steel drum music. It is the majority of what people listen to and play in the Caribbean. It can be related to the genre of music known as techno. Usually a basic beat is repeated while a featured instrument such as steel drums plays a melody or song. Caribbean bands are mostly comprised of a drum set player, steel drum player, and a guitar and bass player.

Other bands will add in other instruments such as a keyboard, bongos, or African drums. It is played so that people will be entertained, is played to keep people's spirits high. Steel drum music is also about dancing. Any song that is played you will most likely be able to dance to it. The music makes you want to get into groove. Unless a band is playing a cover song, the band might not have a singer.

Steel drum bands, in particularly, use the steel drums to "sing" to the audience. Steel drum players are fascinating to watch because of how difficult it is to play, and players can play every note perfect in the steel pan with ease. It differs from any American music because there are usually not any words, and is different from techno because the steel drum is used as a voice instead of a sound machine. Most music that I listen to is based on the guitar and the vocalists.

Being a drummer makes me focus more on the drum parts, which is why I like steel drum bands because they are percussion featured. The steel drums, and other percussion instruments are the main attractions. The tempos of what I listen to, and Caribbean music, differ greatly. The genre of music I listen to can be up to twice as fast as Caribbean music. Caribbean music is at a mild tempo so it is relaxing and so nobody is over worked, either dancing or playing. Most steel drum players could not play at a fast speed.

The tones are not very low so it keeps people relaxed and their spirits high. Like in all music that has repetition, listeners hear the repeated phrase and learn the basic beat and makes listeners more soothed. Listeners can get comfortable with the music and can mentally play the rhythm repeatedly along with the music so it is very enjoyable. DISCOGRAPHY Carnival Favorites. Funk Gums, Adrian Blades.

Recorded at Turtle Point Studio, St. Thomas. Engineer: John Johnston / Producer: Larry Braga. Copyright: 1991.