Once upon a time a kid named Bob who lived in Alaska was grounded by his Dad. His Dad decided he was going out to town with his friends. So he locked Bob in the house and left. Bob? s house was deep in the woods and his Dad would probably be gone for more than a week. Young Bob sat around for a while after he successfully unlocked his Dad? s closet he played Xbox until he became tired. He sat around and watched TV until it hit him.

He was going to escape from his dad and go to his friend Shawn? s house. Bob thought for hours about how he was going to escape. First he decided he was going to get all the food he would need for the trip to Shawn? s house. He put all the food in a pillowcase.

Bob tried to kick the door but it would not move. So he decided to try the windows but they were all boarded shut. Then it hit him again... Bob headed over to the chimney and saw that he would be able to climb to the top. He tied the pillowcase to his foot and made his way up the chimney. Bob made it out of the house his whole body was black from all the ashes in the chimney.

He hoped off his roof and ran to his backyard. He got his bike and off into the woods he left. After hours of riding his bike he arrived in Coney Island where Shawn lived. When he arrived at Shawn? s house he knocked on the door. Shawn came to the door? Hey Bob? said Shawn? How did you get here? ? My bike? answered Bob? Did you run away from home? ? ? Yes? ? You can live here with me? ? Really? ? ? Yeah I live in this huge house alone. ? Bob and Shawn lived happily ever after..