How does the University of Chicago, as you know, satisfy your desire for a particular kind of learning, community, and future? Your response should address with some particularity your own wishes and how they relate to Chicago. The community and surroundings of the University of Chicago immediately intrigued me during my visit in (state the month). Having traveled and lived all over the world, I was surprised to find my ideal school so close to where I now call home (Peoria, IL). I had not expected a school surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the Windy City to be what I came to realize the University of Chicago is. What stood out most in my mind though, was the intriguing architectural design of the campus, creating a wondrous and mysterious feeling, which caused me to ask myself if I was still really in Chicago. The surroundings never would have allowed me to guess how high-tech the campus actually was.

The campus was disguised, and I liked the mystery. I was also very much impressed by the way Coach Maloney presented the school. In his extensive report, it became obvious that Coach Maloney, unlike some football coaches, cares more about the future of his players and their aptitude rather than solely winning football games. The message of his jovial speech was felt at a personal level.

Of everything Coach Maloney said; I was riveted most by the success rate of new graduates of the University. Overall, I am very much impressed by the University of Chicago's athletic department. As I am a football player, baseball player, and swimmer; this is an important factor to me in a school. Of course, preceding my love of sports is academia. My interest in and goal of working in the computer science field will be fed by the emphasis the University of Chicago places on information technology. I have a very strong work ethic that I apply equally to sports and academic education.

I work hard for what I want and am always happy to reap the benefits. The University of Chicago more than meets my expectations of an institution of higher learning and I am confident that I would be most successful in such an environment.