"How much are these skates?" asked Kyle while he was pointing to the blue and black shiny skates. "They are $150," answered the worker. "OK thank you," replied Kyle. While they are walking Mary thinks of an intelligent idea to earn money to buy the skates. "Let's do a car wash!" exclaimed Mary with an excited look on her face. "Yea great idea, I'll make the fly ers," replied Tyler.

"OK, on the fly er put: Day- Sunday, July 15, 2000 5 Dollars per car Time- 1-4 Place- The vacant lot by the gas station," exclaimed Rachel. When they get home Tyler started making the fly ers. The next day they all met at Kyle's house. They split up and put fly ers on every telephone pole they see. The day of the car wash came. "WOW! I never thought this many people would come!" exclaimed Kyle.

As they went on with their business, Tyler started squirting water at the girls. "AHH stop!" said Rachel and Mary in a giggling voice. "Water fight!" screamed Tyler laughing hysterically. Then all of a sudden, the girls dumped a bucket of water on the boys to get back at them. After the car wash they counted how much money they earned. "647, 648, 649, 650.

We earned 650 dollars," commented Mary while placing the money on the table. "That's enough for 4 pairs of skates and equipment," said Kyle with an excited look on his face. "Tomorrow let's go to the shop and buy everything," replied Mary. "OK," answered Rachel. Next day they all went to the store to buy the skates. They had enough money to buy skates and equipment." That would be 645 dollars please," asked the worker." There you go," replied Mary as she hands him the money with and excited look on her face.

When they got their skates they were very eager to try them on. Everyday after school all they would do is skate around town.