Truman hard working, fast talking personality is what helps people remember his time in the White House. The differences between Johnson and him is the fact that Truman didn't have the experience to make the way he was. The different aspects of his personality are what made him a successful president. He learned quickly and was willing to act vigorously. He was hard working, energetic, and enthusiastic during his first decisions as president. When he swore into office he had many hard decisions to make regarding the end of WWII and the beginning of the Cold War with Russia.

He made them vigorously because his motto was "get in there and get it done." Truman had the personality of a president. He was quick-witted, funny, he had morals, and had a down-to-earth directness. He used these qualities when he talked to people. He didn't condescend people; he talked to them as equals.

He was honest and didn't beat around the bush about things. Truman made up his own mind and believed in himself. He had principle and he stuck to it. For example, when he fired the Atomic bomb; it didn't matter how many people he killed, if he was going to save lives he was going to do it regardless of what people thought. He would do it again too. He had the personality, he knew how to talk to people, and he believed in himself.

He had to do things the why he thought that was right. These qualities would make anyone a good leader or a good president.