The book Things Not Seen is very interesting. It talks about a boy named Bobby that is invisible and one day while he is rushing out of the library door he bumps into a girl named Alicia who he is surprised to find out that she isn't startled by seeing the appearance of an invisible man it isn't until after he raps himself back up in his disguise that he notices that Alicia is blind. Bobby is a hardcore boy that likes to read. He liked to be like the books he read, hard to break open but after the shell is broken all the information spills out. Also Bobby learns to be sneaky in this book as his ability to sneak around strengthens his power on his invisibility, and just as he gets go at the sneaking around he finds a cure for his disability. During the story Bobby finds another person that has the same ability as him.

Her name was Sheila. Sheila was an average girl just like Bobby when the heated blanket got her too (there was these heated blankets in the story that were made by Sears and during high solar winds it would turn average people that were under the heated blanket invisible and if the person was already invisible then it turned them back to being a human). Sheila was my personal favorite person in this story not only because she designed websites but also for many other reasons. One reason was because Sheila kept to herself. One more main character was Alicia. Alicia was blind, and she didn't mind it at all.

Alicia's blindness happened when she was 12 years old during the middle of the night. The covers on her bed wouldn't stop falling off and when she went to go pick the quilt she used to cover with she bumped her head and got back in bed and when she got up she was blind and couldn't see anymore. Other than her blindness Alicia is very sarcastic and bossy, which in some ways could be bad and others very good. My favorite part of this book is when Sheila says that she doesn't want to go back to being normal and that she would rather stay the way she is. This doesn't really remind me of anything that I have read or done, it just reminds me of when I had a dream that I was invisible and could go anywhere that I wanted to.

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading the book, Things Not Seen very well. In conclusion Bobby wanted to become normal again, but his dad could find a cure for being invisible, so, Bobby had to stay that way for a while until Alicia give a science lesson and it clicks to both of them that two negatives make a positive. So, Bobby became normal again, but it says near the end that he wonders if he would have liked it better to stay invisible. I think that he would have liked to keep switching, or at least that's what I would have done because I like to see thing in all different perspectives.