By: Kayla The main character in Eagle Eyes is a young boy named Ben. In the beginning Ben and his family are out on a trial. Ben scares all the birds away from his sister because of his clumsiness. He feels hi s family is better off without him. Ben also feels he is a pain and a burden to his family. When Ben does his homework for school he forgets it at home and gets in trouble with his teachers.

Ben and his dad go to visit Dr. Lawson and she informs Ben he has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Ben realizes his body does not get enough of the chemical she needs to help him control how his body moves and thinks. With the help of Dr. Lawson and his family, Ben realizes the things he needs to think about and the things he needs to pay attention to with his eagle eyes. I think the book handles the issue of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) very well.

When you start the book, it seems just like any other children's book. A story about a boy who can do no right and who is always in trouble. Then when Ben foes to the doctor he finds out, he has ADD. The book goes on to tell that he needs medication like many the children who have ADD. Ben and his father work on ways of keeping himself under control and that shows the role parents need to play with children with ADD. By using this book in my classroom, I would explain the ways ADD can effect a child.

Probably some of my students will have ADD and those who do not understand. The book I think would help them understand the troubles and triumphs students who have ADD go through. Geh ret, J. (1991). Eagle Eyes.

New York: Verbal Images Press Word Count: 309.