Did you know that PLANET X will pass through our solar system again in 2003 after approximately 3660 years of absence on its regular orbit? Like most people you probably do not know this. The knowledge has been kept away from the public for several reasons, one of which is to avoid causing panic among the world's population. #1 question -- Will you be in a safe area? Will you be ready or do you care for your loved ones lives? We live in a binary system. Our suns dark twin lies toward the Orion galaxy. Planet X is a rogue planet or brown dwarf star.

X's orbit takes it back and forth between both suns. It takes approximately 3660 years for one orbit. X being a brown dwarf is very dense compared to a normal planet its same size. It's gravitational and magnetic pull on the planets it passes is so strong it disrupts their surfaces.

The molten liquid mainly iron ore core of Earth aligns quickly to X as it passes. The crust or surface resists somewhat. Earths crust separates with its liquid core and causes a physical pole shift. The new poles end up in completely different areas of the globe. Mega world wide earthquakes, hurricanes and tidal waves result in a changed world. Water is the most dangerous part of the situation.

Known earthquake zones where the plates meet will let loose. Land masses will rise and fall. The archeological evidence of this happening on a regular basis to Earth coinciding to X's orbit is overwhelming. There is also clear evidence translated from several ancient cultures that give detailed references to Planet X and all of our planets in our immediate solar system.

The controllers of Earths economies and media are fully aware, prepared enough for themselves only and not allowing this out through the major media. A collapse of the stock and financial markets along with panic would issue if they did. You " ve no doubt read the intuitive that have delicately been trying to warn the masses. I give you all the facts and reasons behind the events in a very indelicate, open, honest straight forward manner.

The media boys have already cried wolf with Y 2 k and a simple planetary alignment that never caused any disruptions before. Now the wolf of Planet X is at our door and you are getting the silent treatment. Planet X is too close to cover up and can be seen the world over. The media has labeled it 'The Largest Asteroid' as of August 2001 and given X a false name and orbit. Are you ready to deal with the end of our culture and help build a new one? If not, forget what you " ve just read. Don't check out the endless reference material to your satisfaction.

Turn your head away in disbelief and have a nice short life before you are BLINDSIDED!