Capulet: What be mine fate... ? Prince: capulet, thou'r't nothing but a blind cretin. How couldst thou let such a thing happen to thine only daughter. How dare thee? To stand in the way of what couldst only have been a pure and true love.

To let thy petty bickering take two innocent lives... Thou hast forgotten that the path of fate can be altered, if one has the ability to let go of ignorance, and look deeply unto what is happening in the lives of those who are near. Now think what thou will... but know that this couldst have been avoided.

If thou couldst go back... wouldst though still force thine views on the gentle creature that was your daughter? Wouldst thou take the risk of losing her, merely because she disobeyed you? Wouldst thou allow your daughter to die, merely because thou'r't too proud, or wouldst thou bury thine pride, and embrace thine enemy, for the sake of that which you " ve lost... ? Thou hast wronged both Juliette and her Romeo... as has Montague. Thine feud hath taken them... Just as thine loss, with the passing of time, shall take its toll.

It shall remove YOU from this mortal coil. We wouldst punish thee... Thou hast played a role in the deaths of mine kin. Death would be a fitting punishment.

Were it not for the rage which poisons our heart... we would surely have thee executed... and yet, thine own guilt, something thou will have to endure for the rest of your miserable life, is much more a befitting punishment... and Montague will share this same fate. Surely... thou can imagine, Capulet...

That there be more a terrible fate than death. Guards... Remove this wretch from our sights, lest we be tempted to arrange a hanging.