In Charles Perrault's Cinderella a servant is transformed into a beautiful girl by a fairy godmother. A nobleman married and evil women and took in her wicked daughters, who where the opposite of his kind and beautiful daughter nicknamed Cinderella. The wicked sisters were invited to a ball by the prince of the kingdom and as they were getting ready in their lavish dresses they taunted Cinderella for not being able to go. As the sisters left Cinderella became extremely sad and began to cry, when all of a sudden her fairy godmother appeared.

The fairy godmother, with Cinderella's help turned a pumpkin into a coach, six mice into horses, a fat rat into a coachman, six lizards into a six-foot man, Cinderella's ugly rags into a beautiful gold and silver dress, and the godmother gave Cinderella glass slippers and warned her that everything would change back at midnight. When Cinderella arrived at the ball, she and the prince began dancing and when they were finish she went and sat next to her sisters, when suddenly the clock struck quarter to twelve. She reached home and told her godmother about her wonderful night, and then her sister arrived home and began to talk about the beautiful girl that was at the ball. The next night everyone went to the ball again but this time Cinderella lost track of time and left her slipper behind in the rush of trying to get out before midnight.

After searching all over the kingdom for the girls whose foot fit the slipper he found it fit Cinderella's foot perfectly and her fairy godmother changed her clothes into a beautiful dress. Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after, while living in the castle with the two step sisters.