Hostage Rescue As a terrorist, your role in a hostage rescue level is to prevent counter-terrorists (CTs) from leading the hostages from where they are being held to the hostage rescue zone. Terrorists win hostage rescue rounds by eliminating the counter-terrorist force while preventing them from rescuing hostages. CTs win a round by finding the hostages and leading more than half of them to freedom. CTs can get the attention of a hostage by moving near him then pressing their 'Use' key (see Controls, Use).

The hostage will now follow the CT back to the rescue zone. If a CT wants the hostage to stop following, they need to press 'Use' again and the hostage will stay put. Sometimes when you have a group of hostages following you, they may block you into an area; you can push them out of the way by simply walking into them. CTs can also win a round by eliminating the terrorists. Bomb/Defuse In a bomb / defuse map, the goal of the terrorist is to plant a C 4 bomb in the designated area then prevent the CTs from defusing the bomb. Players must remember to stay well clear of the bomb when it explodes, as it has a large and deadly blast radius.

The bomb is randomly assigned to a terrorist at the start of the round. Team members can identify the bomb carrier by the backpack they are wearing and the player with the bomb will see an icon on their Heads Up Display (see HUD, bomb carrier). To plant the bomb, the carrier must be in the vicinity of the bombing target. While having the bomb as their currently selected item, the player must then press and hold their fire key (see Controls, Fire) for three seconds for the bomb to be planted. The bomb will go off after a set period of time has passed (45 seconds by default).

The level is won by the terrorists when the bomb explodes (maximum payoff) or if the CT team is eliminated (smaller payoff). CTs can win a defuse map in two ways: by defusing the bomb or by eliminating the Terrorists (if the Terrorists managed to plant the bomb before being eliminated, CTs must still defuse the bomb to win the round). To defuse the bomb, CTs must stand near the bomb, target it then press and hold their 'use' key until the bomb is defused. Buying a defuse kit will halve the time required to defuse a bomb. Escape The terrorist team starts out in a fortified location and must 'escape' to one of the pre-defined escape points. The CT's must exterminate them before they can escape.

The Terrorists win the round once 50% of the team has successfully escaped. They can also break into the armory to steal weapons, or just get out of there. The two teams will switch roles after every 8 rounds of play. Both sides can also win the scenario if they manage to wipe the opposition team out. Assassination One member of the CT team will serve as the VIP. The object is to get the VIP safely to the pre-defined escape points.

If he dies, the CT's lose the round. If he makes it safely, the CT's win. The VIP has a unique skin, only carries a knife and pistol, and has ample body armor. The terrorist job is to assassinate the VIP, but with the other CT's guarding the VIP it is never an easy task. Certain weapons cannot be purchased by each team in this game play scenario, and these will be grayed out on the weapon selection screen..