A PERFECT MAN From magazine, love connection, Internet, we all seen many poster of what a woman is looking for in a man. Therefore what make a man to be perfect? Some people seek the meaning of the beauty in the pursuit of wealth-wealth, handsome, carrying, understanding, considerate and sincere... It's true. However, in additional I am considering a perfect man is gentle he never cruel or mean, he has to be tall. He has what is considered 'dark's kin, long hair. He has to be strong with a square jaw, broad shouldered, big hand, hazel eyes, a pug nose and very sexy, kissable lips, he must be have the body of one who spent a lot of time in the gym although he didn't, with a six pack that had a girl wanting to drink 'Bud' all night long.

He got to be muscular, and his big muscles bulging out everywhere. A man that have nothing to be afraid off and will be stand up to anyone who's causing me grief. That is my perfect man. One bright sunny morning, when we move into our new apartment, I see he is watering the plant.

He is wearing blue jeans with a white T-shirt and looking at me with his small, hazel eyes. I can see his big muscles from far away and I can tell that he is a muscular man. When I am standing close to him face to face to introduce our self to each other, the wrinkles appears on his square face and veins on his hands. His face reminds me one of my old, grim, mean teachers from my high school.

He is considered dark skin.