Clinton vs. Nixon The resent scandal in the White House has brought my attention to the American Presidents as people and Presidents. Looking into the American history and her presidents I have found out that presidents are not just political figures but that they are also people. In my research I will compare and contrast two of the American presidents' current Bill Clinton and ex-president Richard Nixon. President Clinton and President Nixon both associated themselves with criminal actions. Both the presidents misled the American public, causing personal as well as professional problems.

For instance, President Clinton released a false statement about his affair with Monika Lewinsky, causing a lengthy and costly trial, and greatly affecting his presidential career. Also, President Nixon caused a scandal associated with Watergate, which ended up with his leaving the office. Even though they caused trouble for themselves and others around them, Clinton and Nixon did influence the American economy to a great degree. Clinton practically saved the economy and lowered the US inflation rate, through gradual and advocated plans of reform. Moreover, Nixon was the first to go into China territory for negotiations.

Ultimately, they have attracted the media with their antics, making themselves' targets of controversy and embarrassment. In fact, President Clinton and Nixon have become the subjects of public mockery and have been an embarrassment to the American people in the office of the President. Moreover, both men have been involved in humiliating situations. Although, of all the correlation's these Presidents share, they also have a few contrasting elements. President Clinton and Nixon committed different categories of crime.

In fact, Clinton's nature of the crime was sexual rather than criminal self-indulgent; thus, Nixon self indulgent rather than sexual. The two Presidents also have different methods of upholding the US economy and fighting inflation. For instance, Nixon cut back and opposed federal welfare services, proposed anti busing legislation, and used wage-and-price controls to fight inflation. Clinton on the other hand, proposed more moderate health-care and welfare-reform measures and advocated plans that would reduce taxes less and more gradually eliminate the federal debt. As well as crime and great strategies of cutting down the taxes and eliminating federal dept, both the Presidents made historic marks in history.

For example, in February 1972 Nixon made a historic trip to Beijing (Peking) -- where he was received by Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) -- thus reversing the U. S. policy of not recognizing the Communist government. The Clinton administration also took a more decisive role in 1995 in assisting the peace process between Israel and its Arab neighbors and in brokering a truce in the fighting in Bosnia. As one can see in my search article, the two famous American presidents had many common similarities as well as many contrasts. The common characteristics were influencing their professional careers, upholding the US economy, and releasing false statements to the American public.

In conclusion, the American public could not succeed with out the aid of the president.