Answer the following questions about the type of discipline and rewards you were given by your caretakers in your growing up years: a. Would you describe your parents as strict? Yes/NoI would consider them to be fair... but if I had to chose I would have to say strict. What was the most common method of discipline used? They would discipline by explaining my wrong-doings and probably make my go to my room and I was not able to use anything in my room. I would have to sit there until I felt I was ready to come out. c.

How often were you punished? Every time I did something wrong. Did your parents believe in physical punishment? Yes / No (In what form? How often were you punished in this manner? ) NOe. If you did something favorable, were you rewarded? Yes/No (In what ways were, you rewarded? ) No... Good behavior was expected at all times, so when I behaved well I did not receive any type of reward. Would you or do you use physical punishment with children? Yes / No Why or why not? No...

I do not believe that physical punishment works on disciplining children. When a parent hits their children they usually never explain to them why they are hitting them, so most likely the child repeats the same behavior. g. Would you use any type of reward system for favorable behaviors? Yes / No Why or why not? No.

I will teach my child what is acceptable and non acceptable behavior there is no need to reward my child for things they are suppose to do.