The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights gives people the right to keep and bear arms. The ideas of setting strict laws that allow only hunting rifle use, and laws that allow more freedom has been argued over for many years. The best argument protecting the Second Amendment is that people have more security when possessing a gun. Although this is possibly true, gun control provides much more than comfort for the people. The second amendment has some benefits, but many dangers also come with having the right to own a gun.

One of these dangers includes violence and death with our youth. If Gun Control laws are put into action, they will help prevent deaths of innocent people who carry guns. Gun Control will also help prevent terrorism against us or anyone else with the terrorists using guns from our own country. Gun control will also help prevent robberies and other treacherous hostage situations. In order to shelter the populace of the United States, we have an obligation as voting citizens to enact a strict Gun Control law ridding all weapons, except for hunting rifles, from public use. According to the NCV S (National Crime Victimization Survey) the fifty-four and a half percent of people that threaten an attacker with a gun are more likely to get a gun drawn out in return.

The other percentage of the victims who use self-protection or do not do anything have a much better chance of getting away without the attacker pulling out a gun (Gun). Under a strict Gun Control law, when a holdup happens, the attacker is less likely to have a gun, and even if the attacker did somehow obtain a firearm, the victim would not have one to use carelessly and get himself killed. Crimes with Gun Control will be much less violent for the people that obey the law, and most criminals will be deterred from even attempting a crime if they cannot buy a gun. Similarly, Gun Control will help prevent terrorism of this country. Terrorism, now a big issue for the United States, can be prevented in many cases if Gun Control laws are put into affect. Many terrorists use easily concealed guns that come from the United States, getting the guns from either exportation or in the country.

America cannot suffer as a victim of many more terrorist attacks, and Gun Control laws will help filter out terrorist attacks. Research done by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) shows that in over 4, 000 gun shows a year over 26, 000 firearms get into the illegal market (Brady). Many attacks against our country and other countries can be traced back to United States made firearms. Evidence of multiple handgun trades between the Irish Republican and three sources in the United States also shows how easily attainable firearms are for terrorist organizations (Brady). However, Gun Rights activists still do not want Gun Control. Gun rights activists argue that the Second Amendment gives people the protection of carrying a gun.

The argument has a very strong point, but if one pauses to view the Gun Control side of the argument, one will clearly see gun control gives much more protection to the future victims of gun attacks. If guns are strictly controlled in the first place, then there will be no reason for fear, because it is almost impossible to conceal a rifle in one's clothing. When looking at the State-by-State Gun Control Laws one would see that in states where gun control laws are enabled firearm death goes down drastically (CNN). For example, Wisconsin, with sparse gun control laws, in the beginning of the year 2000 had four hundred thirty-two firearm deaths per 100, 000 people (CNN). In comparison, New Jersey, with a fair amount of gun control laws, had only three hundred forty-one deaths per 100, 000 people (CNN). Ninety-one deaths may not seem like a huge difference, but if each state has exactly 1, 000, 000 people, then the firearm death difference would be nine hundred ten people.

Given these facts, one can clearly see gun control noticeably prevents firearm deaths. Another serious problem that Gun Control will help solve is violence in and out of school with our youth. A very well-known event showing gun violence in schools took place on April 20 th, 1999. Two young men, students at Columbine High School in Colorado, brutally murdered thirteen and seriously injured twenty-five of their fellow classmates (Calm).

Imagine a close friend, son, or daughter being murdered by two people they go to school with. Now imagine a situation such as Columbine where the violent adolescents would not be able to get their hands on concealable or automatic firearms. Everyday in the United States five children are assassinated by firearms, and three children commit suicide (Buchanan 3). Firearms contribute severely to deaths in our youth, and that is why gun control laws should be put into action. In order to protect and prolong the existence of this great country, Americans must vote to enact Gun Control Laws. The laws will help prevent terrorism and violence in our country and others.

Gun Control will help protect the guiltless people of our nation from violent attacks and robbery. The best thing Gun Control will prevent is violence with our youth because Americans need to preserve the lives of the next generations to come. Controlling handguns means that everyone and their friends can enjoy life more without worrying about being held up at AM-PM, or being caught up in the middle of a very dangerous terrorist attack. When deciding on gun control, think first about preserving the safety of the citizens of this nation.

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