Right now there is a major problem involving the population of South Asia. In India's best years just about half of the population was properly fed because the population was so enormous. Not to add that the foods they get are fruits, vegetables, and rice. This is not a way to live. Also AIDS is a pretty big problem in India. It is estimated that one in five adults will have been diagnosed with the AIDS virus by the year 2003.

Because prostitution is legal in parts if India the AIDS virus can spread very quickly. Besides the AIDS rate skyrocketing, the birthrate does too. I have created a plan worldwide to help India and other countries that need help. In my plan most of the Funding will be provided by a simple tax. I plan on raising tobacco costs by 25 cents. Right now the United States makes 400 billion sales in tobacco a year.

That means a lot of money would be available after my 25-cent tax. That tax money would go towards India's government for education. Phase two of my plan I plan on making prostitution illegal in India. That would cut India's AIDS population by one third. Officers will enforce the streets and the government would not have to pay extra because of the tobacco increase. Tobacco money will build new jails and hire more officers.

This will also provide more jobs. Prostitution crimes will receive a minimum of two years in jail (for the first offense). Phase three takes place next year. It is a law that permits families to have no more than one child. The family will receive two thousand dollars for having only one child. If the family has more than one child the family will have to pay a heavy tax of fifteen thousand dollars.

If the family cannot afford to pay the tax the father and mother are forced to alternate turns in jail for a minimum of three years. This plan is not harming the individual because they are harming themselves my having children. The plan will be announced now and promoted for future notice. This way next year the plan can take effect. New jails will be built for the people that do not pay the child tax.

The next phase of my plan is to educate the country. More tobacco money will be spent on educating all of India. In the sixth grade children will be taught sexual education. Again in the ninth grade children will have another sex education class in school.

By-monthly meetings will be held in town villages to discuss and educate adults. The meeting will also contain information about the population problems in South Asia, and how my plan can solve population problems in South Asia. The last phase of my plan is to have birth control more available to everyone. Birth control "supplies" will be sent from India from the United States. The United States wants to help put because the population, pollution, and the AIDS virus rates will go sky high.

Some funding will be needed so guess where its coming from? The extra money will come from tobacco price increases. With education, laws, and birth control the county of India will not have population problems. If my plan works out well in India it will be used all around South Asia. This whole plan could not work without the tobacco companies. The only flaw in this plan is the promotion of tobacco products. But that's not really a flaw because tobacco kills millions.

SO with the birth rate lower and the death rate going higher my plan is sure to work.