"Ecstasy " MDMA also, known as ecstasy, has killed at least 15 young people and doctors are extremely concerned with it's long term effect from continued usage. The usage of ecstasy increases every year and is usually taken by teenagers at clubs. But, more importantly the people taking this drug are young and that has to be a concern. Many of the drug users have no idea what there in for.

Many don't know that it only takes one pill to ruin a lifetime. Like any drug once it enters the human body, eventually the brain comes in contact with it. That's when the psychological and physical effects come into action. MDMA is currently classified as a Schedule I substance. Until 1985, MDMA was used extensively by psychiatrists and psychologists to help people with certain psychological and emotional difficulties.

Although it was said to be a aphrodisiac drug there is no evidence to prove it. Many of those who take ecstasy say it brings them a feeling of expansive well being. As the drug comes in contact with the brain, which is the control center for all thoughts, the neurotransmitter called serotonin is alerted. Serotonin controls our sensations of hunger, fatigue and depression. If serotonin increases in a great amount, that's when the user feels satisfied and no guilt for decision on taking the drug. Ecstasy is taken in the form of pills, though there are different types of pills.

According to some sources, six new designs are produced every month. Some include red and black capsules, known as "Dennis the Menace", "White Doves", and "Hamburgers." An Ecstasy high can last from six to 24 hours, with the average "trip" lasting only about three to four hours. Ecstasy has the tendency to break down barriers between therapists and patients, lovers, and family members. Many of the risk user's face with MDMA are similar to those of cocaine. Ecstasy causes many psychological difficulties, including confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug craving, severe anxiety, and paranoia-during and sometimes weeks after taking MDMA.

Ecstasy causes confusion because it's usually taken at a club where a lot of people attend and loud music is played. Ecstasy is a tolerant drug. In order to get the same effects after a period of time; the user needs to increase the dosage. MDMA has also shown some cases of liver damage and heart attacks.

Although research has not yielded evidence of Ecstasy-induced brain damage in humans, heavy administration of the drug has produced neurological damage in rats and monkeys. There are also physical symptoms that can occur once on "X." For example muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, faintness, and chills or sweating. Also, there is evidence that people develop a rash that looks like acne after using MDMA. There is many times when users mix alcohol with ecstasy.

This action causes the body to become dehydrated. A person on "X" is known for carrying a bottle of water because their heart is pumping at an extreme pace due to constant moments. A number of deaths have occurred because the users don't drink enough water and become overheated. Another frightening report has been that of internal bleeding in users. This could be due to Ecstasy having anti-coagulate properties-that is, it stops blood from clotting and therefore a person runs the risk of bleeding to death. Ecstasy is most often found in tablet, capsule, or powder form and is usually consumed orally; although, it can also be injected.

Ecstasy is usually priced at anywhere between $7-$30 dollars each. The effects of the drug stay active within 4-8 hours. Many refer to it as "X", but there are other street names such as Adam, X-TC, Clarity, Essence, Stacy, Lover's Speed, Eve, etc. Many drug dealers at nightclubs create the most unusual names for ecstasy, so they won't get caught selling X. It's very difficult to detect a child that is taking ecstasy because it only stays in their body up to 4 days. In conclusion, I would like to state my opinions in regards to ecstasy.

First of all ecstasy is extremely addictive. The drug user can take up to 4-6 pills depending on how long they have been taking ecstasy for. A drug user can have a horrible "high" and yet still take "X" the following week. I choose this topic because of the key words young user. This should be a concern to all. Nightclubs can't do anything about it because the majority of those on the drug have taken it before arriving.

Ecstasy is probably, if not, the number one drug taken by teenagers and young adults. Presently, it may not be such a big deal, but I feel that within time it could lead to various deaths. I also feel that a lot more research needs to be done because these are the future mothers and fathers of the next generation. Although ecstasy creates a false fantasy world there is no question that it's affect harm you both physically and psychologically.