In the movie, The New Centurions, it shows the good, the bad, and the evil. It is a good reality movie that give you a feel for policing in LA. Even though it is out dated, the same things happen today in our society that happen in the movie. Roy Fehler, a rookie cop out of the police academy is assigned with Andy Kilvinski, a veteran cop. They got a good relationship started right in the beginning. The only bad thing that I saw was the fact that Roy was being exposed to the bad habits of Andy.

Since Andy is training him he thinks these habits are alright. As Roy's mentor and partner, Andy teaches him a lot including most of Mr. Wilson's four principles, the primary objectives, and the three B's; booze, broads, bribes. Kilvinski showed Roy in many ways that the right and wrong aren't always black and white. And the fact that life isn't fair. Roy and Andy become very close over the coarse of five years.

And even after Andy retires and moved away he came back to live. Andy then shot him self because of all the stress that he had came across over the years. I believe when he came back in town, he had seen all the guys at the police station and missed it. Also seeing a guy he trained (Roy) train someone else.

Before he shot himself he called Roy and told him a story about an old man on the porch. This old man symbolizes loneliness. I believe Andy became that old man on the porch. He became very lonely and had no family or friends. He and Roy were friends but it seemed that Roy had no time for Andy. Andy was a cop and that was the most important thing to him.

Roy has a huge change from the beginning of the movie to the end. In the beginning he was a loving husband and father of one. He was close with his family. He was a straight edge guy. But he was still learning everything he needed to know about policing.

Towards the end, Roy becomes an alcoholic and seems not to care a lot about anything or anyone because his wife and daughter left him on his own. After a while he meets a new lady that he soon enough falls in love with. Roy stopped some of his bad habits after this lady and him started going out. At the end of the movie he was on his way home after his shift and a lady stops him for help. Of coarse he stops and helps her and he gets shot. He did not make it home at the end of his tour.

After watching this movie, it has me second guessing on pursuing a criminal justice field. Kilvinski states in the movie, "You can't get rid of evil, laws change people do not." There is a lot more evil out there then I imagined. And it's scary knowing that police suicide is so high and the fact that cops use alcohol to cope with stress or relief pain.