this is a piece of crap. all i want to do is find a freaking paper on a poem. Barbie Doll " Barbie Doll" is the title that women in today's society try to live up to. It is also the title of Marge Piercy's poem.

The title is perfect for the poem because it is about a woman's quest to become perfect like a Barbie doll. Her quest kills her, but ultimately she gets her wish. 1. "Barbie Doll" isn't just the title for Marge Piercy's poem it's also the title for women in society today... 2. The title "Barbie Doll" is a perfect fit for the poem.

3. Blond hair, small waist, big boobs... most women in society don't live up to these standards-with the exception of Pamela Anderson. 4. Barbie is supposedly the representation of the perfect woman. 5.

A woman who looks great, cooks, cleans, and is subservient. Kind of like Barbie to Ken. 6. When girls are little they are often given toys like toy stoves.

7. Because of the need to be beautiful, women are often forced to go to extremities. 8. Let's face it, we all can't be like Britney Spears. 9. An example that would reflect today's views is Britney Spears.

10. She is like a living Barbie and 11. I guess Justin Timberlake would be the equivalent of Ken. 12.

She's "perfect." Blond, thin, big boobs... everything that millions of teenage girls try to emulate. Britney Spears deserves the "Barbie Doll" title. 13.

The woman in "Barbie Doll" starts out perfectly happy as a child. 14. She is smart and intelligent. 15. She tries to transform herself into the perfect, beautiful woman... like a Barbie Doll.

16. There has been some changes in the "Barbie Doll" image over the years... With the addition of ethnic Barbie's and even a more "anatomically correct" Barbie. 17. Girls are taught to be domestic. 18.

When she sees herself, all she sees is her big nose, and thighs 19. She committed suicide b / c she couldn't deal with society's pressures 20. Her quest kills her, but she reaches her goal. Now she is lifeless like a Barbie Doll.