TITLE: THE TRAIN IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE Chicago, what come someone say about this city. I firstly came to Chicago before five months and I still live hear. The reason was that I wanted to go to the university. Now and after so many months in my everyday routine is included the train. Yes, everyday I have to take the train, which I believe is the most convenient way to move to that big city so as to avoid traffic. The train makes Chicago a real "moveable feast" and I say that because, inside a train you can see, you can feel, you can smell too, a lot and different things.

The time it's 8: 40 and I am already at the train station waiting as usually the train to Chicago. The train arrives at 8: 45 so within this five minutes, you have a little time to see what is happening around you. The first thing that you perceive, is that you see the same people that you see everyday and it makes you wonder, are we human being or we are just programmed robots that we do everyday the same things. Everyday you are at the same time waiting for the same train, the same time you walk to your work and the same time you return back to your house and the other day you do that with the same timing and with the same flow. The time now it's 8: 50 and you are already on the train heading to your work. Inside the train things are changing.

People of any nationality and from different social levels are sitting together without problems and you understand that someone may be more well dressed from someone else but both of them have the same rights nowadays. Moreover, some of them are sleeping, some others have already started a conversation and some others work on their computers, probably to do some unfinished work. Furthermore in the train you notice that all the people you see everyday, they are also sitting on the same chairs, like you do and this makes you to go back at your thoughts, about the programming in your life, after that you understand that you are a victim too of the true, organized life. Inside a train, you can also see different places.

In may occasion I can see some different towns, and I try to compare them with the one I live, I try to find if there are any similarities and if yes, which are. Also when the train stops you see the people who are ready to board on the train to wait in the cold weather inside their warm clothes and every second to look at their watches to make sure that are not late. Moreover in a train you can not avoid some smells. You see in the morning the train is clean, the people are clean and fresh, but this image changes when is the time after the day have passed, to return back to your house.

At the return, you see a lot of people being sweaty because they had a hard day or because they were running to catch the train. On the other hand you are hungry and some people without wanting to do anything to you of course they bring food on the train and you can smell it. The problem here is that the hunger makes you nervous, why you think that now that you will return home is dinner time and you start watching your watch again and again, like in the morning when you was waiting for the train, like during the day that you was trying to catch a meeting or something important and everything is repeated, you make the same moves hundreds times everyday. Finally in a train you can hear too. Sometimes you hear conversations between two or more people or someone talking loud to his self. Sometimes I can say you learn by hearing to this conversations.

You can also hear the sound of a computer when it's open, but finally the sounds that you hear even if you want it or not is the sound of the wind, and the sound of the trains engine. Traveling with the train, in the end is not bad experience and is not that bad as it sounds. We can all say that the train have make our lives easier and much more safer. The train is a mean of transportation that was used for good reason in the past and still continues to serve as with the same way everyday, it is maybe, in a way our trust worthy friend, who is always on time to help as everyday in our fight of surviving.