I really do not think that the U. S. (United States) school year or school day should be changed for the fact that it would take quality time away from their parents and tradition away from what the people know. Quality time is the most important between a parent and a child. If the person who makes the decision to make the school year longer or school day longer goes through, then there will be a lot of upset parents and a lot of upset children. Some parents do not want their children to go through such a long day at school or school all year round because it takes away the time to spend on their vacation that is planned every year after school gets out or the fact that if the school day is longer that it takes quality time away for the rest of the day that they are together.

Then again, there are parents out there who wouldn t mind having their children in school all day or all year round because those parents are so busy with their jobs that they only see their children for so long during the night, back to work the next morning and maybe a weekend or two during each month. Therefore, in some ways it would be good for the children to be in school for a good education, just like the Education Secretary Richard Riley said if we want excellence for our children we need more learning time in school, at home, and in the community. (Sec. C, p. 2) Most people think that traditions play a role in a Childs life because of the fact that the parents grow up a certain way and expect the child to follow in some of their footsteps.

Therefore, a parent is not going to want to change the traditional school year or school day just to make the educational system happy. Even though, there are parents who do not care about traditions, because they want their children to be out learning something from the teachers, but the parents who do not teach their children at home will more and likely have their children runnin their lives instead of the parent running their own lives. In other words, parents need to be involved in what their child is learning in class, as well as in the home, car, store, park, or anywhere else one can mention to learn something whether its just little things or big things there is always a place to learn something and about anything. Works Cited Kelly, Dennis (1995). Panel: Extend school year. USA TODAY, December 6, 1995, sec-c, p.

2. Nachman, Barbara (1995). Report gives A to longer school year. USA TODAY, December 6, 1995, sec-c, p. 2.