Drinking Games Drug Dealer Quite a simple game actually, with a low-mid boot factor. This is a game to play while doing other things at a party. To play the game you need one playing card for each participant. You always need one King and one Ace, and a variety of numbered cards some low, some mid, some high, but just one card per player. The cards are dealt face down, take a quick peek. The person who gets the King is the cop, the person who gets the ace is the drug dealer, everyone else are bystanders.

It is the drug dealers job to very VERY discreetly wink at another player, this person while eventually say 'the deal has been made.' At this time the cop identifies him / herself and tries to figure out who the dealer is. The cop chooses a player, if wrong the cop drinks the number shown on the card, and then chooses again, if wrong again, he drinks the number on that card. When the cop chooses correctly, the drug dealer drinks the NUMBER OF CARDS remaining NOT the total of the numbers on the cards. After that, the cards are re dealt and the game goes on. This is a great game for when people don't feel like playing a game because it's the regular socializing that helps disguise any winks and keep the cop on his / her toes. However, it helps a lot if the players do sit in a circle while playing, and not spread around a room.

Obviously if you want to increase the boot factor, play with high numbered cards. Fuzzy Duck A good get-to-know-ya kind of game. Simple supplies: people and beer. Low buzz factor. Not too bad of a game after everybody's had a few.

Begin the game by saying 'fuzzy duck' to the person to your left. That person then says 'fuzzy duck' to the person on his / her left. This continues until someone decides to change the direction of play by saying " does he' (dizzy). 'Does he' changes the direction and the phrase that is said. Not only does the direction change but the people must say " ducky fuzz.' Now the game is going to the right with 'ducky fuzz.' The direction is then changed back by saying 'dizzy.' The words to say go back to 'fuzzy duck.' Any screw-ups = = = > drink. After awhile when the mistakes are more frequent, it turns into, 'Does he F ck?' or 'F k he does.' Variation: the same player cannot say the same within the same round.

ie: if player 1 starts with " Fuzzy Duck,' and play comes back around to him, he must say 'Does He " before being able to say 'Fuzzy Duck' again. The Name Game Another good 'get to know ya'' kind of game. Mid buzz factor. Only the standard supplies are needed: people and beer. Everybody sits in a circle, (isn't this how most games start? ) and someone starts by saying the name of someone famous, or pretty close to being famous as far as those people are concerned. The next person says a name that starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous name.

Sound confusing? Not really. Mel Brooks|Bart Simpson|Sam Donaldson|Dick Vitale|Vincent Price|Pat Robertson|Rick Mears|Michelle Pfeiffer If a player can't think of a name IMMEDIATELY, they must consume for the DURATION until they can think of an appropriate name. Play never stops, it is always moving. Now, if someone says a name that begins with the same letter on first and last names (ie: Doan ld Duck, Mickey Mouse) or is a singe l name (ie: Madonna, Cher) then the direction of the circle reserves. For example: Michelle Pfeiffer|Patty Duke|Donald Duck| (direction change) Davy Jones|Jesus (direction change) |Jim Morrison|Mike Tyson and so on.

(also referred to as 'Think While You Drink') 'Can't say drink, drank, or drunk.' 'Can't point with your fingers.' 'No proper names.' Queens Another decent card game with a mid-level buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck of cards. Spread them out so that any card can be chosen. Someone, doesn't matter who, goes first by choosing a card. The following tells what action is going to be taken: Ace - Pick any player to drink King - All players drink Queen - Ladies drink Jack - Men drink 10 - 2 nd person on right of chooser drinks 9 - 2 nd person on left of chooser drinks 8 - All players drink 7 - Person to right of chooser drinks 6 - Person to left of chooser drinks 5 - change direction (ie from clockwise to counter-clockwise) 4 to 1 - the person picking the card drinks that many drinks.

Play continues to the left, unless a five, the change of direction card was drawn. Master of the Thumb This game is played in conjunction with any other game during the course of the evening. It is very simple and easily adapted. The game starts by picking the person who will be the first Master Of The Thumb. While sitting around the table having a good time, the Master Of The Thumb can, at any time s / he chooses, non- place her thumb on the edge of the table. After she has started this, anyone who notices must follow example.

The last person to place his / her thumb on the table loses and has to drink, but they do become the new Master Of The Thumb. If anyone places their thumb on the table without the real Master Of The Thumb starting it, they have to drink. Sixes Simple game, high boot factor. Line up six cups, size unimportant. Get a pitcher (s) of beer.

And a single die. Everyone sits around and someone starts by rolling the dice. (clockwise or counter, direction matters not) The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line. If it's empty fill it as much as you want, if it contains beer, drink it all, and roll again. If you clear the table chances are the party will become more enjoyable (at least to you).