"Ecstasy", a drug with many different opinions and views, is often viewed as a killer, which is a stretch of the truth. The drug is sometimes thought of as one of the worst things in the world, but also as the best. Health issues are a problem and there have been some deaths. The deaths though are no way near the number of alcohol or cigarette deaths. How could such a beautiful word be considered such a horrible thing. Ecstasy can kill, but you can die tomorrow by being hit by a car or getting shot, why not live your life to the fullest.

Live everyday as if it were your last, but don't be stupid about it. Ecstasy does not kill a person, that's just the excuse they use for ruining their life or killing themselves. Certain people including doctors and parents have set up and had conferences and meetings to inform other parents and children of the "hug drug." A man named Jeff Mil gram wrote a article on web he said, "usually when your children would ask you if they could attend a non-alcoholic dance, you would be more than happy to let them attend. But do you really know what they are getting into? Those "dances" are known as raves and are one of them ultimate and most popular place to drop 'E'." Health hazards range from any where to raise in temperature and faintness to nausea and grinding of the teeth. But continued use can result in "holes" in the brain and even liver damage. Yes ecstasy is used at "raves", but not by everyone.

Natural "ravers" (sober ravers), are given a bad rap because their title "raver" is automatically connected to ecstasy. Yes many people at raves drop ecstasy but just as many do not. Many people have been permanently effected by "ecstasy ", but those people say that the drug "ruined their life" when in actuality "they ruined their own life." A girl named Sarah who was interviewed by channel 6 "true life on ecstasy " had done ecstasy for 3 years. However, the mistake in her part was that she had done it almost EVERY day. When she had gotten her brain scanned, she had a brain of a 75-year-old woman who had multiple strokes.

Sarah at the time was only 25, but take into consideration that she more than "abused " the drug. Some people who have done the drug have been effected in a positive way. One person who I knew personally, and continue to know, was my cousin. My cousin was a very unhappy, and almost crazy person (as told by my aunts), but the problem is that she would never tell anyone what was the matter with her. My aunt had taken her to a therapist who sent her to a psychotherapist.

Before 1985, ecstasy was legal in the practice of psychotherapy, and my cousin just barely made the dead line. She started to she her doctor in 1983 when she was 12 and ended her sessions in 1985. She was given ecstasy twice and she has told me personally that if she had not of taken it than she would never have changed. I have also talked to this boy over the internet who didn't want to give me his name but told me about his encounter with ecstasy, "Before I dropped ecstasy, I was basically going into depression. I was a very mean person and did not really care about life.

When I first met my friend john, he seemed cool, but once we dropped ecstasy together we became brothers. I soon started to meet people who were so insightful and just beautiful on the inside. And it scared me but I too was becoming one of them. I even started doing better in school.

Some people say that ecstasy kills but in my case it saved my life." . He had also said that he did it 3 years ago and has only done it 4 times since then. He is also planning on graduating high school with a 3. 5 (which was a 2. 0 before), and attending a four-year college in the fall. Its your choice if you want to be stupid with your use of the drug, but do not mess it up for the people who don't.

However, if you want to abuse the drug just remember that no matter what you say the drug does not abuse you. Deaths from ecstasy have been numerous, but no where as large as the number of deaths from legal drugs such as, alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol Companies are even becoming furious due to the large decrease in alcohol use and large increase in usage in ecstasy (20%increase in past 5 years). In the past 10 years, there have been under 100 ecstasy related deaths, but almost 300, 000 deaths related to alcohol (even with a 15% decrease in use). An Internet site (web), had some information regarding ecstasy use. The page stated that the heaviest use has been between the ages of 18-25.

If you notice something 18 is the legal age to smoke tobacco and 21 is the legal age to drink / buy alcohol, and even though the usage has decreased the deaths have still stayed in the 100 thousands. The page also said that 1 in five Americans either have or will use ecstasy in their lifetime. If that many people have tried it and yet it still has almost 200, 000 less deaths than alcohol. Which one is actually more dangerous? The deaths usually some from teenagers who do not think about what they are doing or what they could be risking. An anonymous student from Kearny said " you don't drive, cook, swim, or take care of children without any prior knowledge so why would you do anything without knowing what you are doing." . Picture this, you " re at a rave and some stranger that you don't know comes up and asks you if you want some ecstasy, the first thing that should pop into your head is "don't take candy from strangers." And unfortunately that was the scene for many the ecstasy-related deaths.

Other ways that deaths may have occurred from ecstasy are; not testing your pill, not knowing the dos and don " ts, not knowing your limit or doing it with only inexperienced people. Many people look up the type of pill that they are planning on taking and find out what is in the pill, and they test it. Most people also know the people that they received the drug from, and they know that the person would not put something toxic in it because they too take the pill. Taking ecstasy can be a dangerous choice but taking it without any prior knowledge is just stupid. Nevertheless, ecstasy should be legal. I believe that it should be legal because if you are not stupid, and look up the facts and know what you are doing, you deserve to have fun once in a while.

Yes it will effect you in the end, but anything will effect you so why ban ecstasy? It helped my cousin and many other people in psychotherapy. Therefore, why should we make all the other people who could benefit from the drug suffer just because some stupid irresponsible teenagers died because they did not know what they were getting into. I believe that if the law was to make certain exceptions to ecstasy, It could actually help more people than it would hurt. In conclusion, I still believe that ecstasy should be legal... but the question is, do you?