Brainstorming Need a topic for an English assignment? Need a solution to a business problem? Brainstorming is a great way to find answers. Many problem solving or idea generating solutions may not be best managed by the first idea. It is best to consider many solutions. Brainstorming is a method of shared problem solving in which all members of a group spontaneously contribute ideas in a set amount of time. It involves three basic steps: identifying the issue, generating and listing ideas, and evaluating and picking a solution. The first and most important step in brainstorming is to identify the problem or idea to be explored.

Those involved in the process need to be clear on the topic. The question or issue must be one about which all participants can speak to. To maximize contribution, parties involved in the process must feel free from insults or evaluations of their suggestions. The second step in the process is to generate and list ideas or options.

Begin with a few moments of reflection as the ideas start to come to mind. Write down ideas as they come to mind regardless how impossible they may seem. Repetitive answers or "piggy-backing" ideas should be encouraged. A reasonable time frame should be established to meet goals or deadlines in a timely fashion. The third step in brainstorming is to evaluate and pick a solution. In reviewing the ideas generated ask some questions about the ideas and / or solutions to determine the importance of these.

What does this idea or solution have in relation to the key topic idea? Why is this idea listed? How closely related is it to other ideas generated? Does this solution best fit the issue addressed? Solutions should be reviewed for its effectiveness. In the event the solution is not effective, one can refer back to the creative lists and re-visit other alternatives In conclusion, identifying the problem or idea, generating and listing ideas or options, and evaluating and picking a solution are a great format for the brainstorming process. This creative process often surprises people. One should consider brainstorming concept when stuck on ideas or solutions. Get creative and have fun. Brainstorming is a concept that can be beneficial..