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... us go to the government anyway. Why not help a fellow out? No cash, no information. If you somehow survive this, I'll give you one sitting on the house after it's over.' 'But I...

Okay, Jake. But you owe me for this. You owe me.' I reluctantly pulled another $120 out of my wallet and slid the bills forcefully across the bar top. Jake calmly pocketed the cash.' Apparently there's a new mob in town. Call themselves the Ruschievs. They " re part of a larger crime ring off Soviet origin.

The ring set up operations in the states to finance their Commie activities. The mob owns part of the east docks. It's in a real bad neighborhood. If the Russians don't get to you first, the locals will. I'd carry some heat with me at all times if I were you, and never turn your back towards someone.

You never know what he " ll do next.' 'All my information is from the mob's groundling's. The bosses tend to stay pretty well hidden, letting their underlings do all the dirty work. I overheard two of the Ruschievs talking about a Mr. Bardenhagen. They " re holding him in warehouse number four. I would expect it to be well protected.

The boys I've seen come in here were pretty well decked out. Bug guys too.' How does that suit you?' 'Jake, you " re an angel. I'd say that might even be worth the money I paid for it. Thanks, I'll see you later.' 'Time will tell, my friend. Time will tell.' I finished off my scotch, stood up, and left. I felt confident that with my new information I could have the case solved at least within the next day, if not that night.

It was one thirty. Time to think of my approach. The area sounded pretty rough, so I figured my best time of entry would be late at night or early morning. Most of the locals wouldn't be a threat by then and the mob would have its lightest guard. I decided to find the weakest link in the warehouse security, and sneak in through that entry point. Night fell, and I entered the general vicinity of warehouse four.

It was obvious which warehouse held the chief clerk - the only warehouse with its lights on, a beacon in a sea of darkness. Two blacks from the warehouse, I parked my car. I was a little nervous leaving it on the side of the street in this neighborhood, but I didn't plan to be gone long. I ran, hunched over, at a half trot, through the shadows cast by the moon and street lamps.

The dilapidated buildings stood with empty window frames like skulls with empty eye sockets - a true testament to the living conditions of the neighborhood. I came to the fence surrounding warehouse four and its parking lot. The main gate was well tight ed, making an entry there seem uselessly obvious. I knew I would have to climb the fence somewhere.

The whole fence was topped by a ring of barbwire. I looked around franticly, hoping I wouldn't have to shred myself to get past the fence. Then I noticed a gap at the bottom of the fence where the neglected asphalt had crumbled away. I slid through the gap in the fence. I could see a couple of guards at the front entrance of the warehouse, sitting comfortably, but alert nonetheless. I stealthily ran around back, hoping to find a less obvious point of entry.

There was a door at the back corner of the warehouse, but it was locked. I contemplated what I should do. Just then the door swung open. I darted to hide around the corner. I could hear two men talking.' Don't be too long,' said the first.' I'm just stepping out to have a smoke,' replied the second. The man struck a match and hunched over, trying to light his cigarette.

I quietly slipped in through the door before it closed and hid behind some crates in the shadows. There was a group of men sitting at a table, drinking and playing cards. I could see the chief clerk tied to a chair off to the side. The warehouse was mostly empty save a few crates around the perimeter. The room was dimly lit by a single yellow light, hanging from the ceiling. Bardenhagen was a few feet in front of some crates on the light's edge.

I figured if I could somehow create a diversion, I would be able to untie him and escape fairly easily. Suddenly, a man burst in the front door.' We got trouble boys! A crazy man just ran his car through the front gate and is charging towards the warehouse right now!' The men at the table got up quickly, grabbed their iron and ran outside. What a stroke of luck! I followed to the front door to see what happened. It wasn't a crazy man.

It was Jake. He had pushed the pedal to the metal, sending his car, wheels spinning, hurtling towards the group of mobsters gathered outside the warehouse. The men pointed their guns towards the speeding car. I wanted to run out and stop them, but I held myself fast.

This is what Jake wanted. He was sacrificing himself so that I might save the clerk. In disbelief, I ran back into the warehouse to the chief clerk. 'Keep quiet,' I told him. 'I'm going to get you out of here.' I pulled out my knife and cut through the ropes.

We slipped out the back door. We ran out back, but stopped short of the docks. I could hear the men as they cam back into the warehouse and discovered that the clerk was missing.' We " re gonna have to swim, Mr. Bardenhagen.

It's the only way.' 'I understand.' We jumped and swam to safety. The next morning I read the newspaper as I usually did. I thought I'd go to the film Long John Silver and see Robert Newton. I read he makes an interesting portrayal of the lead character (Crowther 24). The mayor had invited me to talk at a dinner that was to be held in my honor. I had finally received the recognition that I wanted, but I didn't want it like this.

I did't want to lose Jake like that. He was a brave man for what he did, a much braver man than I. Works Cited (MLA format) Crowther, Bosley. 'Screen: 'Long John Silver' Bows.' New York Times 7 Apr. 1955, late city ed. : 24.

Dave ga. Advertisement. New York Times 7 Apr. 1955, late city ed. : 35. Eff rat, Louis.

'Bombers Victors With 18 Hits, 19-2.' New York Times 7 Apr. 1955, late cite ed. : 34. Kiss, Peter. '25-Minute Theft Shows Precision of Planning and Long Observation.' New York Times 7 Apr.

1955, late city ed. : 1, 20.' Miss Studdiford Will Be Married.' New York Times 7 Apr. 1955, late city ed. : 30.' The Weather Throughout the Nation' New York Times 7 Apr. 1955, late city ed. : 53..

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