Right to Happiness Everybody in this world has the right to happiness. However, I don't think we should seek our happiness by all means. I don't agree that people should be selfish in order to get whatever they want. Of course, I'm not saying that there aren't any selfish people in this world, but some people are more selfish than others. So we need to have some balance in what we want and what would make us happy. Also we need to make sure that we don't burden our selves in the sake of our others' happiness.

Therefore, I'm not convinced that Mr. A and Mrs. B did the right thing; also, I know that sometimes we may give up our right to happiness to please others, and sometimes we have to do whatever it takes to meet our happiness. First, I didn't agree with Mr. A and Mrs. B's actions in C.

S. Lewis's essay. Therefore, I don't think that Mr. A should have left his wife because she was not beautiful any more. Of course, maybe there is another side of the story that made him leave his wife. Also I didn't think that Mrs.

B should leave her husband, when he lost everything. However, the way Lewis presented his story is to convince me that they are very bad people. Overall, they justify their behavior simply by saying they have the right to happiness. Even though Lewis presented them very badly in his story, I'm not in a position to judge others' actions. However, I'm not totally convinced that these are the people to leave their spouses.

So no matter where they go, they may still find the same situation. Because that is life, and life can change any time. I also know that sometimes I need to give up my right of happiness for others. For example, there was a man on a boat along with other men. And there was a quarrel on the boat. As a result, everyone was given a place.

So the man decided to dig a hole at his place, justifying that by saying that is his right and place. So if they allowed him, they all would be in danger. And if they prevented him, they would have denied his right. In this case, I personally think that man should give up his right for the sake of others.

Of course, you may not agree or consider the right to dig a hole at that man's place, but anyway, that is still his right. Finally, sometimes we have a right to happiness even though at others' expense. As an example, Mrs. B had to leave her husband after he was no longer able to support her. I may not agree with that, but maybe she didn't have any other alternative. So sometimes we may do things that we like or want, but they may have a side effect to others.

In addition, you may be in love with X, and may Y is also in love with X. So I don't think you would give up your love for X, just simply because Y is in love with X or Y might get hurt. Therefore, we have certain rights and pleasures that we may not give up no matter what the results are. In conclusion, it is really to difficult to generalize the "Right to happiness" sometimes we have the right to happiness until it is at other people's expense, and sometimes we have the right to happiness even at others' expense. So it depends on the situation, and how you deal with others. I personally think the real right to happiness should not be at others' expenses, even if it is going to make me give up some of my right to happiness..