I am writing in response to the "spring cleaning" of Library that is coming up soon. I have heard that the English Department is currently deciding which videos they should keep in the library. For the videos of Lord of the Flies, I would prefer the school to keep the 1963 version instead of the 1990 version. The 1963 version of the Lord of the Flies would be a worthier choice for the Grade 11 students who study this novel. It follows the novel that William Golding wrote as opposed to the 1990 version which it emphasizes entertainment rather than the actual story.

Furthermore, the 1990 version would confuse students who are currently studying this story. The director has appended in many scenes that were not in the book. At the same time, he has left out many important episodes that should have been portrayed onto the screen to facilitate Golding's salient message to his audiences. Moreover, the additional scenes of the new version contribute to a contradiction that would tangle up the audience if they had read his work.

For example, the boys on the island built the camp and shelter first instead of the fire. There was no voting section for the choosing of leaders in the first assembly. It has no choir members among the group of boys. The boys even ate lizards in this video and had story telling during the nights.

There was also an existence of a man that has got hurt seriously that had been surviving with them all along. As for the 1963 version, the director had tried to follow the original theme of the novel itself. It started off how the novel did. It goes on with scenes that are much the same as the novel.

For the characters, the 1990 version gave the audience some contrastive characteristics of them. In it, Jack was extremely evil and cruel. He cut his fingers, used his blood to paint his face and his hunters faces. As for Piggy, he has no asthma at all. He had been unusually kind and caring to the younger children as well, and also being the one who tells them stories. Ralph had also been particularly virtuous in the beginning of the movie.

He had been exceptionally patient with the boys. As I have told you, the older version of Lord of the Flies depict the book version to a greater degree. Its plot and the characteristics of the individuals are also very similar to each other. In this older version, Ralph tried to control the group, where Jack was trying to take over the power by leading his choir to hunt. The director had a superb choice on the clothings for the boys and the choir. The boys wore white shirts, striped ties, black shorts, long white socks, leather shoes and caps.

As for the choir, they had additional black robes around them. Furthermore, the musical score in the older version contributed better to the overall atmosphere. It's repeated drum sounds and other background music brought out the message that Golding want to give us.