Let me start by saying straightforwardly that the meaning of God is God himself. We must look at the meaning of God in God himself, not 'outside' him. God is the fundamental meaning for the existence of the Universe, the creator, the supreme One: that is why everything exists. Why is something there? How did this universe come to exist, or others that might be? Why do we exist? For most people in the world -scientists, philosophers, ordinary people, - the answer is because God-Existence is.

If he had not existed neither anything else would. Of course, not everybody agrees that God is the origin of the universe. Although, because of our faith, there is no need of proofs of God's existence: if something exists, then it is because that God exists. God-Existence is an evident fact.

What other theories affirm when they say that there is an eternal universe is, in fact, that God-Existence, I Am, has always been, which is true. The only difference would be to see this eternal Existence as Somebody, 'personal,' or simply as Something, impersonal. If we look at the Old Testament, the biblical God is a God, who plays an active and immediate roll in all the happenings of the world and in human life; a God who constantly intervenes and changes the laws of nature. In addition, if we look at the New Testament, the image of God is very similar to the Jewish conception of God.

God is 'inside' the world, not to make miraculous changes in it, but to give existence to it. He is involved in the whole creation and into human life, not to change the natural order or to 'manipulate' the free will of men, but to keep everything existing, moving, alive and in order. A meaningful God does not mean that he will intervene in the physical and biological facts and processes of nature, or in the free actions of men. God does intervene for keeping them existing and acting, not to change them, at least ordinarily.

God-Existence created, is always present and conserves the order, balance and harmony of the whole universe, human life included, for our welfare; we are the 'beneficiaries' from this balance, order and harmony. God-Existence is the One who makes all these details of our senses and organs, of our mind and body -which we usually take for granted, - to function, and in a similar way He is the One by whom all these laws that govern the quantum, plants and animals, as well the stars and galaxies, never fail. All this makes a meaningful sense to God and to our lives. God is a personal God, a power in which we may trust, a harmony in which we may hope, a wisdom that protects us, a love that cares for us, a beauty that we may admire. God is a God that we may worship and pray, and who gives us all the countless gifts of nature, which are available to us. He gives us life, health, and energy, and, although he takes them away sometimes, he is still there, and he has the wisdom and power to use the forces and laws of nature to help us.

In conclusion, God is God. The Supreme Being, the creator of the heavens and earth, the alpha and omega, the teacher, the boss, the best friend, the author of life, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the eternal, rock, love, wisdom, power, authority, fortress, righteousness, provider, strength, giver of life, and all the other good things. God is everything. However, as for me, God is a father.

My father. A very father who never left my side, even for a fleeting moment, in spite of everything I have done. God is my "dad.".