As we all know many of our nations young people are over seas from the ages eighteen to twenty fighting a war right now. According to our government these same young people who are mature enough to kill are not mature enough to drink a beer, or any other alcoholic beverage. According to statistics, most of our 18-20 year old population drink anyway. Lowering the age limit of drinking to 18 would also keep beer out of cars.

Most all other countries have a drinking age of 18 and the yall seem to be ok. The drinking age should be lowered to eighteen because our government thinks we are mature enough to kill at that age, it will keep beer out of cars, and most all other countries have a drinking age of 18 and the U. S. has one of the biggest drinking problems out of all of them. Although the national highway traffic safety administration says that when the drinking age limit was raised to 21 traffic fatalities from the age groups of 18-20 went down, i believe if it was made legal to drink at eighteen there would be less alcohol in cars. The reason that so many people from that age groups drink and drive is because they are too scared to call their parents and ask for a ride.

Lives are being taken because these individuals are too afraid to get into trouble. The trade off is not clear to me, and the government needs to recognize that. Even though it is illegal to drink alcohol when you younger than 21 most people do it any way. Many people drink illegally because it is a thrill to break the laws. Other countries either have a drinking age of 18, or no drinking age at all. However many of the countries with limits of 18 do not enforce it.

For example, franc is a country where you must be at least 16 to purchase alcohol, but any one can go in to a restaurant and order a beer, or alcoholic cider. It is not such an issue to drink in France for minors because kids in France have been taught to drink with there parents since they were very young, and people.