Broad topic: Disney ImagineersNarrow topic: The Inventions of the Disney ImagineersGeneral purpose: to inform Specific purpose: By the end of the speech, the audience should know who the Disney Imagineers are and three different inventions they have created. Thesis: The Disney Imagineers have invented many things that have changed technology today. I. Introduction A. Imagineers is a term that is not found in the dictionary. It combines the words "imagination" and "engineering." It is the act of learning and succeeding by dreaming and doing.

B. The first Imagineers were hand selected by Walt Disney to help design Disneyland and create the other theme parks all over the world. Since then, they have expanded and invented many new products. C.

I am only 20 years old, and yet, I have been to Disney World 21 times and have witnessed the work of the Disney Imagineers first hand on various occasions. D. The Disney Imagineers have invented many products that have changed technology today such as specialty hair dryers and robotic human torsos and everything in between. E. I will be touching on three of their inventions: animatronics, fluid projection screen and synchronized parade routes. F.

Transition: One of the first great inventions by the Disney Imagineers were animatronics. II. Animatronics A. Disney desired to give life-like movement to 3-D figures. B. They used cams and levers to move the figures.

The cams and levers were not working so well, so they combined this idea with an electric-hydraulic-pneumatic approach. D. They also used magnetic recording tape and solenoid coils that would trigger one another to produce action. E. First audio-animatronics were used in Disneyland. 1.

The Enchanted Tiki Room opened on June 23, 1963. 2. It had a cast of 225 birds, flowers, masks, drummers, and tiki poles. 3.

The birds would click their beaks, swivel around on their perches, and sing and talk to one another. F. Transition: Another invention that was created by the Disney Imagineers was the fluid projection screen. III.

Fluid Projection Screen A. It is a fluid screen that is generated by pumping water through a screen nozzle and having an axial flow director and a nozzle insert on it. B. It creates a screen of water that can be projected upon. C. If the water is not at the right pressure and the flow is not correct, the screen may have holes in it and then the projection will not be seen on it.

D. The fluid projection screen was first used at Disney's MGM Studio's Fantastic! and The Adventures of the Little Mermaid. E. Transition: One more invention that the Disney Imagineers came up with was the use of synchronized parade routes. IV. Synchronized Parade Routes.

There are two parades a day at each Disney park. B. There are about 20 floats in each parade. C.

Disney invented a system to synchronize their parade floats with where they are on the parade route. D. There are detectors that are placed underground that send radio signals to the float. E. The signals tell the float was music to play and lights to flash. F.

The music may end and then when it hits the next detector, it will start again because the radio signal told it to. E. Transition: This technology, along with others created by the Disney Imagineers, have been adapted and used by other industries. V.

Conclusion A. Technology has been changed in so many ways thanks to the Disney Imagineers. B. The Disney Imagineers have created such things as animatronics, the fluid projection screen and synchronized parade routes. E. The motto of the Disney Imagineers is summed up by Marty Sklar: "It all begins with a spark." That's how their ideas are born.

The spark grows into a flame and the flame grows into a fire. From there, no one knows what might happen to it. It may flourish, it may burn out, but the original spark, or idea, was there to begin with. BIBLIOGRAPHY web.