11/17/99 Gary Whipfler, Corporate Treasurer of Apple Computers gave a very informative presentation about the field of Finance from his own 13 years of experience. As an MBA graduate at Santa Clara, he returned here and gave students some excellent advice about entering the workforce. I think this was the best part of his presentation that I personally took to heart. He gave three, solid advice that will help me evaluate who I am as a person before an interview or even choosing what I want to do with my degree. To begin with, he said to think of something you improved in the past.

Looking for something that you have improved, whether a club or a skill, it tells you that you are willing to make a difference within yourself or with others. A second advice he gave was to be able to give an example of a failure that you have experienced. Being able to show a life lesson and reflect what you have learned from your failures prove that you are able to overcome obstacles and learn from your own mistakes. Lastly, he said to be able to describe a situation that you have resolved or fixed within a group. This illustrates your ability to be a team player, which is an important skill to possess in every job. All these three qualities can differentiate who you are, and that is the stepping stone of becoming a part of a company like Apple.

Whipfler also gave reasons of why he chose to work for Apple. There are two main reasons why he was so attracted to Apple. First of all, Apple is a multinational company that is interesting. Secondly, the cultural icon attracted him as well. He believed that everywhere he traveled, he always met a person that had an opinion of Apple. Furthermore, he continues to enjoy working for Apple and believes that it has taught not only him, but also many people to grow.

Ex-employees of Apple have become the treasurer of Cisco, CFO's of website companies, treasurer of Silicon Graphics and even a brilliant Finance Professor at Santa Clara University! I think that Whipfler gave the audience a strong motivation to be part of what he enjoys everyday.