Believe If the state and federal government legalized hard drugs it would save a lot of money spend on the war on drugs. The government would tax it, like they do alcohol and tobacco. The money they would save could be put into creating better rehab programs. I feel that those addicted would then have no reason to avoid treatment. We could offer real help to addicts rather than prison. If hard drugs were legal they would be controlled and pure, and have to pass FDA standards.

Selling drugs is a great way to make money fast. Without the financial incentive dealers would be a thing of the past. Without dealers society has a better chance of helping people through drug addiction. Addicts won't have to rob, mug and burglarize to get their next fix. Crime would go down, and cops could focus more on pursing more dangerous criminals. Doubt Many could say if hard drugs were legalized wouldn't it lead to more addicts? Drugs would be cheaper and easier to get.

This may lead some to believe that drugs are safer because they are legal, which may cause more people to try them that probably wouldn't if they were to remain illegal. Crime may not decrease if drugs were legalized, because there is such a link between hard drug use and dangerous crime. If the drugs were cheaper and easier to get, crime may increase because more people would have access to these drugs. As long as there have been drugs, there have been drug addicts. We are never going to change that. What we can change is where the profit of selling drugs goes.

If hard drugs are legalized the money from them could benefit our country.