1. Give two ways you can increase the illusion of depth when taking a photograph. To increase the illusion of depth one can use strongly directional lighting to create shadows or use a wide angle lens. 2. Give three ways to add visual weight to a photograph. One can add visual weight by using a light color, Location close to center of the photograph area or Location on the right side.

3. List the five aspects of composition found in this lab project and give what each means. I. RULE OF THIRDS When you can divide the picture into thirds vertically and horizontally and the main area of interest is at a point of intersection II. FOREGROUND OBJECTS Objects used to add depth and make the main subject stand out more. III.

REFLECTIONS When you get a scene and its reflection in a stream, pond, puddle, mirror, or glass. IV. FRAME MAIN AREA OF INTEREST Where you frame main area of interest in tree branches / trunks, doorways, windows, etc. V. UNUSUAL CAMERA ANGLE When you take photographs pointing up at something or down at something. 4.

Discuss what is meant by "get closer." It means get closer to the main subject to eliminate distracting objects and simplify the picture. 5. What is depth of field? The area between the nearest and farthest parts of the camera that are still sharp in an image. 6. What must you do to achieve maximum depth of field? You must use the proper lighting and aperture setting to create maximum depth of field.

7. What is zone focusing? Zone focussing is when you preset the focus of a lens so that some future action will take place in the limits of the depth of field. 8. What determines whether you hold your 35 mm camera horizontal or vertical? You hold it accordingly to the subject whether its vertical or horizontal. 9.

Write a brief paragraph on what you expect to learn and the grade you want from this course. I expect to learn how to create good looking artistic photographs as well as learn how to develop film and make prints of photographs. I expect to get an A or a B from this class because I really want to do well.