Michael Jordan Michael Jordan in my opinion, was the greatest basketball player that ever lived. He holds more records than just about everyone that ever played this sport. Some of those records included: being the all-time leading scorer in the Chicago Bulls history, most seasons in which he lead the league in scoring, which was ten, and most consecutive seasons in which he lead the league in scoring, which was seven seasons. Michael Jeffery Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in the city of Brooklyn, New York. Michael was not always the greatest player on the court; he had to work for every bit of it. After moving from Brooklyn to Wilmington, North Carolina MJ decided to go out for the high school sophomore basketball team, he was cut.

However three years later he definitely showed his high school coach that he could play. Michael played his freshman of college for the University of North Carolina; he also hit the game winning shot in the NCAA Championship game that year. After two more years at North Carolina Michael entered the NBA draft. He was chosen third overall in the first round by the Chicago Bulls.

MJ's first year with the Bulls was spectacular, he wan the rookie of the year award, averaging 28. 2 points per game. His second year in the NBA was not so great; he was benched due to a foot injury. However he did come back to play a few games towards the end of the season, one in which he scored sixty-three points. With this feet, he holds the record for most points scored in a first round playoff game.

The rest of his seasons reflected these very much; he played great but no championship. It was not until 1991 that the bulls won their first championship with MJ. They went on to win two more in the next two following seasons. With Phil Jackson as their coach the Bulls owned the early 90's. They were unstoppable, as long as they had MJ of course. In 1993 Jordan shook the media as well as the fans when he announced his retirement.

For two years Michael sat out from basketball, playing golf, baseball, and spending time with his family. After those two years Michael made the decision to return to the game he loved so much. The bulls did not win any championships in those two years that Jordan was gone but as soon as he returned they won three more, still under coach Phil Jackson. After those three titles Jordan considered retiring once more.

He is now retired, but recently he has been reconsidering coming back once more. Michael Jordan has definitely had a great positive impact on our American society, more so than any other sports figure that I have ever seen. He has been a perfect role model ever since he stepped into the spotlight of the United States; he has always represented our country with great pride. One case would be in the 1992 summer Olympics, Jordan along with several other basketball greats like, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson dominated the Games with such finesse that it was a great treat just to watch these individuals win the gold medal. Even with all those extraordinary athletes on this "dream team" the main focus was on Michael Jordan.

MJ handled the pressure of representing America with such ease. With Michael's amazing display of excellence on the dream team in the 1992 Olympics, basketball has won more and more global fans over than it has ever had. Because of his greatness in the game of basketball he earned himself the respect from people on every single continent in the world. That is why I chose to do my report over Michael Jordan.