back in the day their was a little boy who cried wolf over and over again but never was in real danger untill one day about mid day a man came up to him and ask if he had ever tried something called white rhino the boy had no idea what it was or what it did but said yes the man asked if he would join him after they left the wolf came by and stole all the sheep but as for the boy he got so messed up he could not remember what he had done with the sheep went back to his fathers house to tell him what happened but realized that he could for his father would beet the shit out of him so he went to look for the sheep him self but when the boy didnt come home on time with the sheep his mother and father became worried and went to look for him and the sheep the wolf having ate so much fell asleep the boy knowing that it was getting late he thought that he would climb in to the cave just up ahead and take shelter from the night walking in the trips over the wolf the wolf in a deep sleep dose not notice it and the boy gets back up and keeps walking thinking that its a rock or parents get lose and cant find their way and die of hunger the boy went so far back in to the cave that he froze and the wolf got to live the rest of his life happy.