My sister is 17 and loves to eat cats. Whenever she sees a cat she has the urge to eat it. I have no idea why she does this but it scares me. I'm afraid that maybe she will someday find other things to eat, like human beings. I'm not sure what to do about this. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

My mother has tried to put her in mental hospitals but they always send her back, saying that there's nothing wrong with her. She eats cats! ! There's obviously something wrong with her. However, she's very good at playing things off. She acts normal in for nt of people but when she's at home or with people she very close to, she lets her true feelings show.

She " ll sit there and talk about how cats taste so good and that there the best when dipped in ice cream. Help? ! ? What do i do with my sister, the cat eater? Well, finally my mother said to just leave her alone and not talk to her. But i'm scared that one day i'm gonna wake up from being asleep and she's going to be na wing on my arm. My mother told me not to worry because this will never happen.

But the other day I seen my sister eating a frog! ! She not only eats cats she eats frogs too. She's expanding her eating life st lye and one day, i just know this is going to happen, but one day she's going to be eating humans. So if you ever see my sister any where's around town don't take your eyes off of her. Because she just might be think about how nice of a dinner you will make.