The sun is the source of energy for all living things. Plants use solar energy to carry out photosynthesis. Animals that eat the plants also depend on the sun for energy. Even the fossil fuels that are burned came from the sun, in directly, since the living things decayed into fossil fuels used solar energy. A. The sun produces solar energy"^3 then plants absorbs the solar energy for photosynthesis "^3 Animals eat the plants"^3 animals get energy"^3 human eat the animals and plants therefore getting energy.

B. In a solar cell, materials such as silicon produce high-energy electrons that are channeled through a wire, producing an electric current. In photosynthesis, chlorophyll produces high-energy electrons whose energy is trapped in chemical bonds. C. Photosynthesis is the primary source of organic food and food energy (ATP) for all forms of life, either directly or indirectly. Respiration is the energy releasing and supplying process in all living organisms and it converts food energy into metabolically usable forms of chemical energy.

Photosynthesis and respirations can be though of as opposite processes. Photosynthesis is the process of! SS deposits!" energy and respiration is the process of! SS withdrawal!" energy. The equation for photosynthesis is the complete reverse of respiration. 6 CO (sub 2) + 6 H (2) O light"^3 C (6) H (12) O (6) + 6 O (2) Carbon dioxide + water light"^3 glucose + oxygen 6 O (sub 2) + C (6) H (12) O (6) "^3 G Co (2) + 6 H (2) OD. In the light reactions, the energy of sunlight is captured and used to make energy storing compounds.

In dark reactions, uses the energy stored in NADPH and ATP to produce glucose.