1. ) 2. ) Thomas Putnam is a bitter man because he is a well-to-do, handed landowner, near fifty. He was a man with many grievances, at least one of which appears justified.

Some time before his wife's brother-in-law had been turned down as minister of Salem. Thomas Putnam was a eldest son of the richest man in the village. He fought the Indians at the Narragansett, and was deeply interested in the parish affairs. He undoubtedly felt it poor payment that the village should so blatantly disregard this candidate for one of its important offices, especially since he regarded himself as the intellectual superior of the most of the people around him. 3. ) When Betty wakes up she reveals about Abigail that Abigail drank blood.

To kill Elisabeth Proctor (Betty: you drank blood, Abby! ). When Abigail heard what betty said she told betty not to say that again. But betty said " you did, you did! You drank a charm to kill John Proctors wife! You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor. 5. ) The person that was in control of these girls was Tituba. I believe this because Tituba told the girls about her voodoo that she did in Barbados.

The Girls followed her into the woods and Tituba told them about her poison and the girls used those things to take advantage of people like Mercy wanted someone to fall in love with her and Abigail Williams wants John Proctors wife (Elisabeth Proctor a. k. a "Goody proctor") to be killed. Abigail Williams was giving a charm by Tituba that she drank so Goody Proctor would be killed. 6. ) I believe from so far reading that Abigail did love John Proctor because she went and saw him and she drank a charm to kill Goody proctor.

If she didn't love him I believe she wouldn't of drank the charm. She went and saw John proctor and when he told her that it was over between them and that she is a child she didn't want to believe him because she loves him.