In dealing with Prison Procedure, I feel that many things are put into perspective all the way from intake to the release of an inmate back into the community or until they have served their sentence and their time is up. Everything in a prison must be on close watch. The workers should be watched just as well as the inmates. All the prisons procedures should be followed under a very strict manner to ensure that the prison functions properly and effectively.

Prison procedure should be very strict in every aspect pertaining to the institution. From the intake, the guards should evaluate every inmate entering the facility and then place them accordingly. There are many different things to look at when considering the placement of an inmate. The age and the nature of the offense are some key ones, also their race. All entering inmates must have full cavity searches prior to being placed in a cell; this is for guard and inmate safety purposes.

In running the prison the prison should be well advanced and should have only skilled and trained workers working under the institution. There should be no excuse for not knowing the proper prison procedures and rules. Punishment should be inflicted on those who don't abide be them, for both the workers and the inmates. In considering the proper procedure you should think about the inmate's life, and how to control them. There are many things that can be done to maintain a controllable environment for an institution. Treating the inmates fair and just is one way to not get over emotional inmates that might cause a problem.

Another way is providing work opportunities and other recreational activities to keep the inmates busy and to help pass the time. The inmates should undergo regular room inspections to inspect for any items or belongings that the prison feels is a threat and that the inmate should not be allowed to have, like any illegal substances or drugs and also weapons or any item that could be used as a weapon should be seized. They should also undergo regular evaluations to see if they have improved while being in prison, and if they will be ready to return to the community when they are granted release. The inmate's health and nutrition is an important part in running a prison.

The inmates should be fed properly, and also their emotional status should not be ignored, and it should be taken into account. If an inmate feels suicidal you should put that into effect and have them meet with a doctor to see if they can't work out their problems. If an inmate has a problem with something, say he is claiming to have been beat buy a guard, he should be given the right to go through a grievance procedure to resolve the situation. The inmate should be granted a safe environment and it is the guard's duty to try and maintain that.